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    Best Iron Maiden Covers

    This would probably be my favorite professional cover of an Iron Maiden song (by a really underrated band too).
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    Best Iron Maiden Covers

    This guy sounds almost exactly like Bruce here
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Currently I agree. I loved his tone on everything before DOD, his tone was probably even my favourite. Since then his tone in the studio has sounded too warm, much warmer than before, and too clean. I did like his tone on TFF however, so that would be the exception I guess.
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    Favorite non-album songs?

    What are your top 5 favorite non-album Iron Maiden songs/covers (single only songs and b sides), including those that were added to the albums later, like Total Eclipse and Twilight Zone? My top 5 is: 5. I've Got the Fire 4. Justice of the Peace 3. Sanctuary 2. Total Eclipse 1. Burning Ambition
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    The Red And The Black

    I quite liked this song on the album, but I absolutely loved it live, a complete highlight. It really felt like a journey, and the instrumental section blew by, it felt like it only lasted 2 minutes.
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    What's your favourite post reunion album and why? #2

    5. DOD - the least consistent reunion album. Some amazing stuff here but ultimately too much filler. 4. TFF - This album has weird pacing that I find makes it kinda hard for me to enjoy when listening to it as a whole. I also think that some songs are ruined by terrible production. If this...
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    The Official Rankings results (2004-2016)

    I can't believe that RSRD was the last to go on NPFTD. Also, how is The Thin Line so low? And how is The Aftermath so high?
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Infinite Dreams is vastly overrated on this forum
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    Piece of Mind: individual album judgement by yours truly

    Where Eagles Dare: 9 Revelations: 10 Flight of Icarus: 9 Die With Your Boots On: 6 The Trooper: 10 Still Life: 9 Quest for Fire: 6 Sun and Steel: 6 To Tame a Land: 10 Avg: 8.33
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    The Official Rankings results (2004-2016)

    WAY too low, definitely a top 40 song, and one of the best off of TBOS.
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    What are the least memorable Maiden songs?

    Gates of Tomorrow/New Frontier
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    The Official Rankings results (2004-2016)

    Yeah tailgunner should be way higher, actually a pretty damn good song. Especially the intro/verses.
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    Best Iron Maiden Chorus?

    Children of the Damned Sea of Madness Revelations Mother of Mercy Aces High Powerslave TBOS Moonchild Judas Be My Guide Run to the Hills Out Of The Silent Planet Doubt I could narrow it down further than that.
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    The Millennium setlist

    Is it just me or do you have The Thin Line Between Love and Hate in there twice?
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    The Millennium setlist

    The Wicker Man El Dorado These Colours Don't Run Rainmaker Dance of Death Ghost of the Navigator Brave New World Starblind Speed of Light The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg The Book of Souls Coming Home Iron Maiden If Eternity Should Fail Paschendale Different World I think that this would be...