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    'Remastered for iTunes' - All albums re-released! Discuss.

    My wife bought me a Marshall Woburn and it sounds phenomenal. Only problem is the speakers are too close together to give you a broad soundstage but there is a lot of depth. Excellent range and the vocals really punch with a lot more expression than I'm used to hearing. I got another small...
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    Bruce's vocals

    The sound is often different between studio and live. Apart from the obvious equipment and acoustics. The musicians also have to pace themselves for a long tour which in Bruces case means he has to change the way he sings somewhat. In the studio he can afford to really push to the limit and use...
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    Bruce's vocals

    There were times in TFF that I felt he was getting a bit thin and reedy. Wasn't very popular when I voiced the opinion. He has been a bit more experimental with his voice and has a lot more effects than he used to. For a while I thought he was diversifying his tone to make up for a lack of...
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    Death Or Glory

    I love this song. My little pug named Monkey perks up when the Monkey line comes up in the song which is adorable. Not that if fits the flavour of the song but still.
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    #1 Record? Did you do your duty?

    I preordered the deluxe CD set but am mostly listening to a 24bit FLAC rip of the vinyl release. It's a bit warmer and got some extra umph than the CD version. Don't know whether there is any difference in production or it's just the nature of vinyl and the recording process for the rip but it...
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    What makes The Number of The Beast a classic?

    For me It was because as a nerdy kid I was just starting to get into Metal, liked horror comics and just gotten (Another classic) my Dungeons & Dragons basic rules red box set. I was listening to NOTB and designing dungeons for months. So lots of nostalgia in this one :) Still playing and...
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    Iron Maiden Recording Techniques in the Studio

    In one of the tour videos I remember Dave Murray was really stoked with how they recorded one of their more live albums as described here. It sounded like The guitarists were sometimes in the same room with their amps hooked up remotely so they could actually talk and get feedback from other...
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    WHY did they strip-down the sound for No Prayer??

    I"m not really fond of any of the hair metal or thrash stuff that grew out of America. I guess I started and finished with the new wave bands of my childhood. Iron Maiden for me are the best of the bunch. Been following them since I was a teenager and could make it out to Donnington and...
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    Paul Cairns (Mad Mac) played on The Soundhouse Tapes

    Ancient thread. But I found a bit of history of Iron Maiden on youtube that mentions Mad Mac so thought I'd post it here. Basically they said he was phenomenal and just what they needed. But.. he basically got stage fright whenever they went to play live on stage. So they had to let him go...
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    Maiden Songs That Are Growing On You

    I never really listened to X Factor till I heard Bruce sing a couple live. I actually removed it from my playlist all these years. But slowly the live ones with Bruce vocals made it onto my computer. Sign of the cross, lord of the flies along with The Clansman live which I often play loud in my...
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    Studio Album #16 - Rumours and Speculation (New Info 27.02.15)

    I was amazed that it was 5 years. Seems like only two to me and and A Matter of life and death as 5. Still I have all their stuff which makes for a lot of material over the years. I'm just hoping they make another surprise unscheduled event in Sacramento again before they retire. I missed the...
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    WHY did they strip-down the sound for No Prayer??

    Assassin always reminded me of some kind of metalized Andrew Lloyd Webber, especially the chorus. And oddly I don't mind it, though it's not really what one expects from Iron Maiden. I actually had to look No Prayer for the Dying up to find out what songs were on it. Quite unremarkable. I...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Only thing that sometimes puts me off of listening to a Maiden track as much as I'd like is over repetition of the vocals. Brave new world is a prime example. Some of their older songs are overrated too. Also, since I moved to the USA from the UK Number of the Beast is the first song that your...