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Remember how Adrian adopted Kevin Shirley and he just started to go fishing from then on?


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I am curious how they’re gonna top Book of Souls. I wonder if they’d ever consider going the other way and putting out another 8 song, 40-50 minute album with 7 rockers and an epic. I can’t imagine going more epic than BoS.

While that's not going to happen, I definitely hope and sort of believe they could put out a record with just 8-9 songs. You know, not necessarily "rockers", but interesting ~7 minute songs with a one or two "mammoths" and Tears of a Clown type hard-rockish pieces thrown in.

Alas! it probably won't happen, but that'd pretty much be the ideal Maiden #17 album for me.

At this point anyway!


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I seem to remember Steve being asked about it recently (when promoting the second British Lion album) and his answer was along the lines of what I posted.

I've also seen Steve say the opposite a few times, i.e. maybe it would be a challenge he could set himself to try only write short songs. However, I think that's more likely him thinking aloud rather than a serious proposition.


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Somebody's going to refer to that interview in which Adrian "said" he wants Maiden to write shorter songs now.:rolleyes:

That type of comment would be an easy one to address, as he already did it for The Book of Souls. Not one, not two, but three short songs written by H! :)


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Only blasphemy if you hated it. You like it, you just like the others more, yes?
I still like it but it is my least favourite of the 80’s albums. I would have thought rating it that low counted as blasphemy on an Iron Maiden forum. I just don’t reach for it that much and found it devoid of any light and shade in the music (with some exceptions).


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Okay, I might have written this here somewhere already, but talking in general (there are individual exceptions) I like each era progressively more, that is my preferences, from best to worst:

The reunion era
The 90s

[long pause]

The 80s with BD

[an even longer pause]

The DiAnno years

The exceptions: I don't like TBOS and about half of DOD all that much, I don't like NPFTD much, I really love Powerslave and have a particular soft spot for POM (both are about reunion-era level for me) and I hate NOTB more than anything with DiAnno.

Like I said, no surprises here.


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Album. Again, talking in general, I actually like Hallowed very much and also have a soft spot for The Prisoner.

Fabio Maiden

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• I think 'Aces High' vocal line during the verses is overrated as hell. Quite "childish". I don't hate it. I just think it's not that great. I'm talking about the melody, NOT about the lyrics, of course. I really like/love the intro, the bridge, the chorus and the solos of that song.

• As a whole, I consider 'The Final Frontier' my 2nd favourite Maiden album of all time, after 'Somewhere In Time' at n.1. 3rd one is probably to be chosen between Brave New World and AMOLAD.

• The bridge in 'The Man Of Sorrows' ("Saturation like no otheeer") is, imho, by far the worst thing I've ever heard from a studio performance by Bruce, in all his career with Maiden.
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