Your Final Maiden Song To Hear?

Any reunion era live version of Iron Maiden the song...and I want an Eddie balloon to inflate behind the gurney during the last verse.

As the full death process/declaration can take awhile, they can just loop the outro crescendo until it's almost time. I want to time the final breath when Bruce says "good night from Eddie and the boys" and...then line up the death declaration with Nicko's famous finale fill. Bap bap BOOM!

Flatline. See Grandma and white light.

They can then throw my West Ham colored hospital bracelet out into the onlookers as a souvenir.

(Yes that's all ridiculous, but you have to admit, that would be an epic way to close out )
Hard to choose. Clansman, Still Life, Phantom of the Opera are a few that come to mind. But right after my last breath is easy... Always Look at the Bright Side of Life
Siegfried's funeral from Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung would be one epic way to go out. But I'm not sure I want Wagner to be the last thing I hear.
I can imagine myself in traction, my beloved in tears about to unplug my machine. They're playing "Sanctuary" live and she's waiting for the part in the middle when Bruce talks to the audience for 45 minutes to end. It never does. I get better and as I'm about to stand up, she says "fuck it" and unplugs me.