Your favourite quotes

"The major problem – one of the major problems, for there are several – one of many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.

To summarize: it is a well-known fact, that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem."

- Douglas Adams
“I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own."
My favorite quote that inspires me always

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power".
You're a piece of shit! You're a piece of shit at the bottom of the bowl!! ...and I've got my hand on the chain!
Bumpetibump. I bump this thread to bring you a quote from Norwegian football commentator Arne Scheie, after he was asked if he didn't think there was too much football on TV:

- Too much football on TV? I say like my colleague Sølve Grotmol; there are too many books in the library, too!
"I wear the chain I forged in life....I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it."

Jacob Marley - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
I realise that trying to find one quote representative of all the weirdness that was The Goon Show may be quite frankly impossible, so for now I'll just go with one that springs easily to mind:

Bloodnok: "You sir, are you British?"
Neddy: "Only by descent."
Bloodnok: "By descent?"
Neddy: "Yes - I came down by parachute!"
"A man with tool in a woman's mouth, not necessarily a dentist."
- Wise Bunny.
"I search the heavens for enlightenment ... only to find a seagull with a primitive sense of humour."
- Boot from The Perishers.
"The greatest record ever made by an Italian who looks like he's got a dead badger on his head."

- Bill Nighy's character in About Time.

This film also gave us "Do you want to look like a prostitute or a dwarf?" (line delivered by Domhnall Gleeson). It was a choice of one or the other you see ...
"To those of you who enjoyed it, God bless you. And to those of you who didn't - God bless you too!"

- Jon Lord, talking about the Concerto for Group and Orchestra, in 1969.