Year in Review 2019


Infinite Dreamer
So instead of creating one of these every year I figured I'd just edit the title. It will also make it easier for those who posted about their year in 2018 to revisit their posts.

So, 2019, I know I'm a little over a week late, but I'm actually going to get into that.

What I got done:

This one is tricky as outside of finishing fallout 3 in a month I've gotten very little actual work/goals done. Why? I had brain surgery in August which sidelined me for the entire semester. So all my professional and financial goals were placed on hold. I'm excited and nervous for this semester, because in a way I feel like I'm starting from scratch. It's also nerve wracking because I need a second surgery which I'm trying to schedule with the doctors to occur after the semester ends, but I have a ton of appointments for tests and x-rays and EKGs.

So what did I get done? Brain surgery lol.
I successfully pitched a Pen Paling program to my current boss here in Mexico and my old boss back in Arizona and the consensus was a blog/forum which I suggested be modeled after this one. It's still in the works.

I took two Fluency certification tests, the important one was ITEP (forgot what it stands for), but I scored a 5.5 out of 6, certifying my fluency in English at a C2 level. On the other test I got an 84% which also certified me as a C2. What pisses me off is that I got that score literally in my sleep. I didn't get enough rest the night before, so just like in college, I could've done better had I gotten enough sleep lol.

Oh, did become a full time staff at the university!

On a personal/emotional level I stopped talking to my mom. I came to that decision, because I realized she was a very negative and toxic person in my life who was only happy as long as did what she wanted, even though I'm an adult in my 30s. My brother's a bit bummed, but gets it, my dad, who knows how bad my mom can be, I mean... they got divorced, and my GF, who my mom treated poorly in their breif interactions, told me, "But she's your mother!" To which I say, so the fuck what. That's how deep Catholic guilt runs in my country and culture, mothers are literally sacred to the point you can't tell them to fuck off even if they're killing you. I'm sorry, but my mental and emotional health is WAY more important to me than keeping the embodiment of Chernobyl in my life because they're related to me.

What I did Wrong

I waited too long to go to the doctor. This one was hard. When I should've gone to the doctor I wasn't a full time staff member at the University so I wasn't entitled to any benefits including sick days. Getting a substitute at the language institute is a nightmare, so I just chose to push through it and continue working until summer vacation. Thankfully the gamble paid off, because I became full time right after summer session, but it was still a close call.

What's Next/ What I can do better

There are no shoulda, woulda, couldas. I was out last semester and was unable to implement all the ideas I had so I'll just do it this semester, new year, new start, right? I hope to successfuly pilot my "penpaling" project with my own classes to have something to show to my current and old boss and see where that goes.

I also want to continue creating and maintaining healthy boundaries.

And you're still looking for a penfriend, aye? :ok:
Yes, yes I am. I've given up completely on traditional mail. The post service here is so bad sometimes I don't get basic utility bills. I live in a gated community with a home owners association and 99.999999999% of houses DON'T have a mailbox nor is there a communal one at the end of each street like in the US. It's mind boggling to me. So, while not as personal I don't object to being email penpals with anyone (still) interested. Hit me up at