Worldwide album sales

I'm with Perun on this one. The X Factor is a masterpiece compared to every album ever.
It wouldn't surprise me if Maiden had sold more than Metallica taking out the US.
It is known that Metallica is a band that is huge in the US and have sold a great deal of the records there whereas Maiden is much more distributed worldwide.

Besides, maybe Metallica also plays bigger venus worldwide, but it doesn't mean they sold more records.
For example in Argentina most people I know who go to Maiden venues are real fans who buy the records.
Metallica has lots of casual fans who won't buy it.

Maiden fans are special and very loyal worldwide. It is one of the few bands that sells more with each new record even though there are less sales everytime because of internet in the music business.

Metallica has an estimated 110 million WW sales. Estimated around 30-40 million in the states... almost 20 million of those are The Black Album alone lolololol
Bruce seems to have stated The Book of Souls went platinum in the USA which means it has sold in excess of 1 million copies. I'll be adjusting the list to reflect

Here are the changes..

Dance of Death … 1,165,000
A Matter of Life and Death … 1,401,000
The Book of Souls … 1,728, 046
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I was referring to the comment about TBOS going platinum in the US, which definitely hasn't happened.
Weird. I'm very suspicious of that claim because comparatively few albums go platinum in the US these days, and Maiden hasn't been a big album seller since the 80s (and even then other artists sold far more), and the RIAA database seems to be otherwise up to date. So I'm unsure where that could've come from.
I really doubt TBOS sold over 500k in the US (gold). Only a couple albums go platinum a year here.
again, based solely on Bruce's claims..... I have tracked "officially" 466,152 copies sold outside the USA and 320,800 in the USA for a total of confirmed by records total of 786,952 and that was closing tracking from the end of 2016. Nothing found from 2017 and 2018 sales
Well just use basic logic. The album sold 320k in its first year. For it to go platinum in 2017 it would need to sell more than twice as much in one year alone. That doesn't make any sense.
I'll be tracking digital downloads soon as well as singles sold from iTunes. I've got to go and adjust a few DVD sales I found recently that had little to no information