Who have you met in real life from the forum?

Black Abyss Babe

Quantum weather butterfly
In some order other than preference or importance, I have met: Albie, Ariana, Black Wizard, Brigantium, Dr. Eddies Wingman, Forostar, Loose Cannon, National Acrobat, Perun, Shadow.

Who are all utterly wonderful people. I love you all :).

Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
He's alive!

I've met the following, in approximate order of appearance:

Forostar, Perun, Natalie, Yax, National Acrobat, Ariana, Black Wizard, Shadow, Brigantium, LooseCannon, Black Abyss Babe and Albie.

I have also met myself at the door several times.