Which one of the Di'Anno albums do you like the best?

The debut has Prowler, Remember Tomorrow and offcourse Phantom Of The Opera. The rest of the songs are good but not great. Running Free is the weakest here.
Killers has alot more killer (sorry for the weak pun) tracks like Wrathchild, Murders In The Rue Morgue, Killers, Genghis Khan, Purgatory and Prodigal Son. The rest of the songs are quite decent and the only really weakest track is Drifter. Plus we have the Adrian factor and the killer (sorry once again) artwork. So yeah, Killers for me. :)

Killers has 100% better production, 100% more Adrian, the greatest set-flow-improving song of all time, and the only back-to-back Murray solo in a very sweet and unique song.

It’s better than both of the Blaze albums by far, better than Fear Of The Dark and Dance Of Death, and yes, better than the debut.
I always reach for Killers. It flows well and the band are on fire! I prefer the debut with Sanctuary. The album always feels too short without it.
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I like both albums, but the debut album is full of classics - one of the best debut albums ever!
If people are interested, here is a 6 page topic about the same question, started in July 2018 and the latest post was recent: October 2020.

Iron Maiden: 40 votes
Killers: 27 votes
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I agree. Killers is superior in many ways, but the debut has Phantom. That song beats all other songs on Killers. In fact, only song I don't care for is Iron Maiden. The rest are killer (pun intended), whereas the album Killers has a bit more filler quality to a couple of songs.
If people are interested, here is a 6 page topic about the same question, started in July 2018 and the latest post was recent: October 2020.

Iron Maiden: 40 votes
Killers: 27 votes
Iron Maiden has better songs, Killers has H, better sound and is more coherent as an album. Tough.
The debut has the better songs, but weaker performances. We’re missing Adrian, but the album misses a lot even compared to bootlegs and live recordings from the time. I even like the Soundhouse Tapes versions of the songs a bit better. It’s raw and early Maiden is raw, but the production misses some of that early Maiden intensity. Maiden Japan and Live at the Rainbow

Killers is more polished, much better performed, Di’Anno sounds better, and there’s a really nice mix of live energy and studio magic. It’s what defined Maiden in the first half of the 80s. Because of that, I tend to listen to Killers more. It also has a lot of material that hasn’t been played live much. I have countless live versions of songs from the debut that are just better than what we got on the studio album.

As far as the material goes, it’s obvious that the best stuff made it on to the first album, but Killers has a lot of great overlooked material. I love Adrian’s guitar playing, the chemistry between the two guitarists, the more polished rhythm section, and Di’Anno has a lot more grit that I love. The album has a lot of cool tempo switches, classic Metal riffs, and just better captures the attitude of early Maiden. There are also hints of Number of the Beast and where the band was headed.

Taken against the rest of the discography, I would probably take both albums over everything from the 90s, although the debut, X Factor, and No Prayer are very close. I would very slightly take Killers over Dance of Death as well.
I even dare say that Paul performed all those songs better than Bruce (they just fit to his voice better), and the debut not so much. So in a way Killers is a quintessential Paul album
Killers, due to better production, more versatile songs, Adrian doing a better job than Dennis and Clive at his peak