which Maiden song that hasn't been played live yet would you like a live version of?

The Duellists
Alexander the Great
Only the good die young
Mother Russia
Run Silent Run Deep
Judas be my guide
The Nomad
Mother of Mercy
Shadows of the Valley

Vantage Point

Educated Fool
Obviously quite a predictable choice, but number one for me would be Alexander the Great.

Other than that, I think, The Fugitive would be a great number live.


Out of the Silent Planet
Prodigal Son would have been a KILLER THING. source to that info???
I'd have much preferred this over The Great Unknown.
''Brave New World'' is one of my favorite songs, but given that it was played live on 4 tours and we have two official live versions of it, I prefer a song from the new album to be played, whether I like or not. ''The Great Unknown'' is a great song and the live version of it made me appreciate it even more. Btw, I expect the former to be played on the next album tour... (they should have played it in 2011 too).


Ancient Mariner
Well my 5 favorites would be
  1. Montsegur.
  2. Fortunes Of War (sang by Bruce)
  3. The Prophecy
  4. Alexander The Great
  5. Back In The Village
Then I must admit Only The Good Die Young, Fates Warning, Judgement Day, Judgement Of Heaven, The Thin Line Between Love And Hate and Face In The Sand would also be outstanding moments.

Invaders (although they could omit the chorus), The Duelists, Deja Vu, Run Silent Run Deep, Mother Russia, Look For The Truth and The Edge Of Darkness (both sang by Bruce), Isle Of Avalon and The Alchemist would also be really cool.
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
In chronological order, songs I think would work great on stage:

The Duellists - I think all of Powerslave would have translated to the live setting terrifically, but this one is the one I’d love to see most. The solo section is incredible and spread across three different acts, which could be wonderfully adapted with the three amigos. Also more Bruce vs Eddie sword fighting which is always a win.

Alexander the Great - I mean duh. Look, this song is explosive and would 100% work on stage. Don’t remember the solos? Rewrite them and make them easier to play, I really don’t give a fuck. As soon as the heavy riff kicks in you’re gonna see the entire house jumping. Come on man, let’s get on the ball!

The Apparition / Judas Be My Guide / Weekend Warrior - I don’t know how well these three would work on stage but I have a pretty big soft spot for them in the actual album and I think it would be pretty fun to see them attempt it live. Maybe even as a little medley?

Montségur - This one I feel like should’ve been a no-brained on the DoD tour, even on “No More Lies”. Imagine how much heavier this one would’ve been on stage. Bruce wailing and the amigos kicking our asses, would’ve been awesome.

Isle of Avalon / Starblind - “Isle” has some recording issues (particularly Bruce’s dry vocals) and “Starblind” is a weirdly sung “Infinite Dreams” rewrite, yet I believe that live? They would have RULED. All the other TFF songs played not only sounded great, but felt entirely natural onstage. In fact it’s probably one of my favorite records in how well it translates to the stage. I wish we could’ve seen these two also get the live treatment because man, we might have just missed the definitive versions.

When the River Runs Deep - The balance between short songs and lengthy epics on TBOS made for a pretty strong album and it also translated really well onstage. I quite like this rocker too and wish it had also been brought out into the arena.

Empire of the Clouds - The biggest problem with EOTC, in my mind, isn’t the way they can play it live. I doubt the band wouldn’t be unable to figure out how to bring along a grand piano on tour. The really issue is fitting it in the setlist because it’s such a mood-changer from the rest of the material they’ll play, and means cutting out twenty minutes that could be allocated to other songs. Despite this, it’s an incredible composition and I believe deserves the ability to get a shine in the spotlight one day. Whether that’s through a one off performance or a fixed staple on a setlist, it would bring the house down 100%.


Ancient Mariner
The Duellists
Indeed the entirety of Powerslave would've sound great live (what's this "fillerslave" nonsense???). Perhaps my second least preferred from the lot but still a hell of a tune and would gladly watch it live.

Alexander the Great
Yeah... a no brainer. Even I that don't regard ATG nearly the top of their epic tunes think it's a marvelous song and there's literally no excuse why it was never played live.

The Apparition / Judas Be My Guide / Weekend Warrior
The only song here I can see being played live is Judas. And that's not due to the fact I like it more than The Apparition or Weekend Warrior (although I consider them both to be filler material IMO there's way worst material on that record and some got played live). It's just I think those two songs wouldn't work much live.

Amen! Top song and IMO should be both the album and tour's opener. And played live... uuuuhhh this would've tear the place down.

Isle of Avalon / Starblind
Two great songs especially Avalon (the ambiance it would create is mind blowing). And even Starblind while being a bit more intricate would work out nice IMO. I believe the reason why both were left out is due to both songs' length. The Talisman and When The Wild Wind Blows are both pretty lengthy but it looks like the band think they're the best two epic tunes from TFF (and I 100% agree). The Final Frontier and El Dorado would also had to be featured. Nonetheless some gigs could have switched The Talisman or WTWWB for Isle Of Avalon or Starblind. But we all know how rarely Maiden nowadays changes set lists on tour.

When the River Runs Deep
Would be interesting, yes. Both WTRRD and Death Or Glory are the only two strong, high octane short Maidenesque tunes on the album so I guess it would be cool to feature this bad boy in some gigs. Plus it's a song I truly enjoy.

Empire of the Clouds
Once again I think the main reason was not logistics but the same situation I referred to when talking about Isle Of Avalon and Starblind. They would never ditch If Eternity Should Fail, The Red And The Black or The Book Of Souls and those 3 songs alone consume 32 minutes and a half of your average Maiden show. Adding 18 minutes to it would've been really tricky. Nonetheless once again they could change the setlist on one special venue or two in order to play it. And although it's far from my favorite Maiden tune it would be really cool to watch since it's such a singular song in their repertoire. Perhaps they'll play it someday (I mean TBOS 10th anniversary is only 3 years from now ... so we never know).
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Ancient Mariner
Montsegur back in the DoD days, but I'm not sure how well Bruce's voice would work with it now.
On that regard neither so would The Prophecy or Back In The Village (the voice in both these tunes choruses are really hard).
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Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Montsegur back in the DoD days, but I'm not sure how well Bruce's voice would work with it now.
Even in the studio, Bruce really sounds like he is struggling... which is strange because he had input in writing this one.
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General of the Dark Army
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Good point. He usually writes sympathetically to his own vocal abilities. The actual phrasing suits Bruce, but it's painfully high too much of the time. I think Bruce's voice railing against an overwhelming wall of Maiden guitar sound adds to the overall effect, as with The Talisman (where it works far better IMO), but it does sound like his voice is strained to the limit.

el diablo

Educated Fool
That song does test his limits, but live in concert it would blow the roof off the building.

I was shocked to see it on the ‘never played live’ list.
I only recently heard that song for the first time and while I agree with the consensus regarding repetition I really do quite enjoy the song.
I listen to Virtual XI every day. I just had it playing loud 10 minutes ago while I tidied up. I try to imagine Bruce singing The Angel And The Gambler in my head and I can't. That's the main reason I want to hear him do it. Plus the looks on the faces in the crowd would probably be quite amusing.