What kind of new release from Iron Maiden would you really, really want?

What kind of new release from Iron Maiden would you really, really want?

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Out of the Silent Planet
New album without a doubt ! Maiden are full of ideas and I'm sure Bruce, Steve and even Adrian have many of them.
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Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
The title of this thread conjures up images of the IM boys (and Rod) posing as the Spice Girls singing "Wannabe"...*shudders* :D


Try this :)

Just use the free "youtube downloader" or similar to download and rip the audio

00:00:15 Wrathchild
00:03:05 Purgatory
00:06:23 Sanctuary
00:10:21 Remember Tomorrow
00:15:41 Another Life
00:17:50 Drum Solo
00:20:48 Another Life
00:22:33 Genghis Khan
00:25:26 Killers
00:30:15 Innocent Exile
00:34:10 Twilight Zone
00:36:45 Strange World
00:42:02 Murders In the Rue Morgue
00:45:58 Phantom of the Opera
00:52:55 Iron Maiden
00:56:57 Running Free
01:00:00 Transylvania
01:03:29 Guitar Solo
01:05:43 Drifter
01:13:50 I've Got the Fire


Metal Warrior 330

Ancient Mariner
I also hope for a blue ray and DVD from the Book of Souls tour with videos and commentaries with a video from the Shanghai and Beijing shows and other videos from shows that were not on the live CD. I also hope for a new album and a Dave Murray solo album for good measure.


Out of the Silent Planet
Actually it would be cool if Maiden release a modern version of the video documentary ''12 Wasted Years''. I will add songs from tours for which we do not have a video and of course, others from official video releases from the band to mixed up the things. Imagine something like that:
(*I will exclude SOT, because the band do not have a decent footage of it. And also from TFF 2010 leg, because we already have an official release from this tour)

Track List

1.To Tame A Land - live from WPT (Hammersmith Odeon 1983).
2.Killers - Live At Rainbow 1980 (or from Killer World Tour 1981).
3.Transylvania - Raising Hell video 1993.
4.These Colours Don't Run - live from TFF 2010 leg (Sorry, I run out of ideas | I wished I could add CSIT from SOT 1986....).
5.No Prayer For The Dying - live from NPOTR tour (Wembley Arena 1990).
6.Wasting Love - Live At Donington 1992 (without the black and white footage!).
7.Futureal - live from EH tour 1999 (or from VXI tour 1998).
8.Remember Tomorrow - live from Ullevi 2005.
9.Different World - live in 2006.
10.The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - Download Festival 2007.
11.The Prisoner - Rock In Rio 2013.
12.Afraid To Shoot Strangers - Rock In Rio 2013.
13.Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Rock In Rio 2013.
14.Tears Of A Clown - live from TBOS tour 2016 (Wacken Open Air 2016).

Additional Tracks

1.Where Eagles Dare - live from WPT (Hammersmith Odeon 1983).
2.Children Of The Damned - Download Festival 2007 (Adrian's double neck guitar - just wow!).
3.Be Quick Or Be Dead - Raising Hell video 1993.
4.Man On The Edge - live from TXF tour (Gothenburg 1995).
5.Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter - Rock Am Ring 2003.
6.Prowler - live from RLT 1993 (Milan 1993).

I just hyped myself with this video documentary, lol. I will pay good money for that, for sure. Ahhhh, dreams dreams...


The Living Flame
I’d like to see a no-holds-barred documentary starting from the writing sessions for No Prayer For The Dying all the way through the start of the Ed Huntour. Watch the classic lineup fall apart, see the popularity of the band and metal in general falter, see things get to the point where Nicko decides that Blaze has got to go, and then end on a bright note with the classic+Janick line-up kicking off.


Automaton Sovietico
Unfortunately there was no Bruce around to covertly record those juicy moments.


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Nicko: He fucked, he fuckin' fucked, 'Arry! He fuckin' bollocked and he fucked.
Steve: OK, OK, Nick. We'll talk about it. Maybe...hey, is that Bruce?
Bruce: Nope.
Steve: Some cunt's recording this.


Ancient Mariner
If they can pull a decent sound out of those 1981 concerts in Italy with Bruce that would be outstanding!
Of course a new album or a 1986/1983 live would also be stellar.

And btw... isn't it time to release an official version of the full Maiden Japan concert?
Not that it bothers me tons... I've got the unofficial that happens to be quite good. But an official release with state of production is always a must buy.
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