What if Iron Maiden were German?


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What if Iron Maiden were from Alabama?

Dave Merle
Paul Buford Dixie
Nick McDonald
Steve Harrison
Atticus Smith
Jimbob Gus
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If Iron Maiden were Dutch:

Stefan Haars
Bruus Dickensjen
Adrian Smjitt
David van Muury
Nico van Braain
Jan Gers (pronounced "Hers")


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What if Iron Maiden was from Canada?

Steve Hoser
Bruce Dickincod
Adrian Sorry
Davey "Smiles" Murray
Nicko Brainer
Jean de Gers


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If Iron Maiden were Danish:

Steffen Henriksen
Bruce Rickisen
David Murray
Adrian Smed
Jannik Gert
Nicklas Hjernesen

Both "Bruce" and "Murray" are actually given names in Denmark (go figure), though extremely rare, and I can't find any variations of them. Adrian is common enough.