What if Iron Maiden were German?


Automaton Sovietico
Branko Kurčubić
Stevo Haris
Davor Murač
Jadran Kovač
Nikola "Niko" Primozak

Gers is Polish I have trouble with his name. Jan Gersić perhaps


Game time started.
If Iron Maiden were Danish:

Both "Bruce" and "Murray" are actually given names in Denmark (go figure), though extremely rare, and I can't find any variations of them. Adrian is common enough.
Tried reading a bit more into "Murray" - if we assume it's the Scottish version, it's a variation of the word "Moray". Besides being an area in Scotland, it obviously also shares its name with the moray eel, which in Danish translates as "muræne".

So, if Dave were Danish, he would be "David Muræne".