What guitar do you play?

Thanks for this Raven.

I will soon post a couple songs, as soon as the vocals are in.
Well I have an accoustic guitar (do not know the manufacturer and cannot look now being at work :) but I think it is czech) and later my father bought me an Epiphone Les Paul with 25W Ibanez combo and Boss GT-6 multieffect. Oh and I started playing guitar when I was 20. I think I started with Mike Oldfield and Iron Maiden (on that accoustic :) and nowadays, I play Mike Oldfield and Iron Maiden :) We have a small 'band' with friends and we have played Mike Oldfield live several times, but I'm not skilled enough and I have messed everything up :)
I have a Fender Jazz Bass and an old Hohner (my first guitar) and a modified Washburn Lyons. It's a cheap model, but I've changed the picks, so it sounds pretty cool now. I just can't part with those old guitars. I'm thinking of buying a Stratocaster and a Gibson SG... if I can find some realatively fairly priced left-handed models anywhere.
I play the guitar, a Jackson JS30DK Dinky electric, started out with an Ibanez V70 acoustic.

JS30DK Dinky:


I want to get this:



I haven't got any pictures of my amp and don't even know the maker, all I know is that it's a 175-watt orgam amp. :p
okay... let's see. I'm a bassplayer, and currently I own 3 basses (and one acoustic guitar)
The 3 basses are:
Fender Precision Steve Harris Signature (the blue one with winered mirror pickguard)

selfmade Steve Harris "tribute" bass

and a little oddity I found recently, a new model by Johnson Professional (a really damn good bass for a good price!)

edit: Oh yeah, I play in a band. www.nomad-soul.de, go check us out :)
i play a gibson les paul studio and a fender strat USA, the les paul is in a pale sunburst and has both gold and silver hardware... looks class, and the strat USA is a projext of mine nearing completion, its now pearlesent purple with a black scratchplate, chrome hardware and black dials, neck also was painted, i love my guitars, havent got time to upload photos as im looking for my "a matter of life and death album" as we have a journey to newcastle tonight to see the band themselves...
Cosmiceddie said:
This is one of my guitars, it's a Jackson USA Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) signature model called KE-1T.


Apart from that I have another Jackson USA Scott Ian (Anthrax) signature model called JJ-5. This one has 5 strings only and is absolutely unique. It isn't made any longer.
*Wants the Marty Friendman siggie*

Oh btw, add a Roland Cube 30X to my list! :D God, I love Christmas.

thats the first one i bought about 4 years ago now.....


and thats my new one that i got this christmas.
Im rockin a Gibson SG Special (worn red finish).  Simply a gorgeous guitar.  I also have an old 1982 Ibanez Artist, another excellent instrument.
I just play an Ibanez SA 120
In fact it was cheap and good so I bought it.

Sometimes I play the old Aria Guitar of my father (a copy of Fender Stratocaster) nice guitar
I've just acquired a black Gibson SG Standard (lefty), so I guess I can add that to my list of "guitars that I play".
I have a poor little Ibanez GRG170DX...a beginner guitar but so am I ! 
I play an Ibanex GAX30.  It's a decent starting guitar and I can get good metal tone out of it, especially with my thick strings.  I have a Boss DS-1 and a Marshall 15 watt amp.
My husband has been playing bass since 1980 or so...he used to have a Carvin and a sweet Rickenbacher 4001 like Geddy Lee used to have! Now he has a 1973 Fender Jazz and a 1961 Fender Precision that he picked up on London at Andy's Guitar Shop in 1998.

he's played lots of metal, and the current band he's in now plays more originals, and the cover songs are more rock/pop related.

He uses Ampegs, and this weekend he's looking to get a Bergantino NV610 in Philadelphia.