What do you do for fun?

Still Life

Well, Im bored and just wanted to know what all my other Maiden fans did to entertain themselves.

I like to hurtle my body down flights of stairs while balancing on a thin piece of wood and some wheels. You might have heard of this strange activity, its called skateboarding. I have some cool pics, if my lazy-ass friend ever gets them developed I'll post them here.


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I listen to music, write stuff, draw a bit (at least try to) and watch movies pretty much all the time.


Hi all of you can anyone tell me why i can't get on the live chat i need to talk to zaza, if any rockin' soul (or with out a soul) tell me his e-mail plz plz
in my spair time i fancy bruce worship maiden
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My life is jam-packed full of cool activities. I play guitar with my band and write songs a lot, or I'll just play in my room. I listen to music whenever I do anything other than play music unless I'm not doing anything else. Sometimes I play some vids on one of my many game systems. Other times I'm on my laptop playing games. Every day, I wash and/or put something new on my yellow Monte Carlo SS. If I'm bored, I watch some movies. When I'm not doing any of the previously stated things, I'm with some friends. I'll either be cruising around in my car picking up chicks or some miscellaneous activity. Also, who can forget about the hundreds of parties I go to where I almost always do something stupid?


I programm, play computer games, when i don't have to go to school i go to parties at least 4 times a week, play D&D.


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I listen to music, ebay quite a bit, go and see mates, go to town (good place as any to buy more music [!--emo&:)--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'smile.gif\' /][!--endemo--] ), watch dvds sometimes, play ps2, watch football, drink with friends, get laid (well not that often for me then [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\' /][!--endemo--] )

Still Life

[!--QuoteBegin-ohgar_boy+Aug 30 2004, 09:37 PM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(ohgar_boy @ Aug 30 2004, 09:37 PM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]Play Halo

Halo is awesome. We should play online sometime.


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I get my sorry ass away from the computer.

I go outside. I talk to people. I mow the lawn. I go for walks. I even read books.

So far, most of you people need better hobbies!


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Not me. My life is great. Babes, bucks, I got it all. [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\' /][!--endemo--] [!--emo&:p--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/tongue.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'tongue.gif\' /][!--endemo--]


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Well it is good to know someone is curious about my extra-internet activities/hobbies. Well, where to start... well I kill people. I chop up their bodies after stabing them 50 times, not 49 not 51... 50. But seriously, I then put the body parts in the wood chipper, bake them into a cake and give them to homeles people [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\' /][!--endemo--] Nah, actually I just read and write, play hockey and seeing my girlfriend... not necessarily in that order [!--emo&:D--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'biggrin.gif\' /][!--endemo--]


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What do I do? Well, when LooseCannon's nose isn't buried in a book about World War Two, he's usually chilling out in his basement, on the computer, chatting or role-playing online. I play D&D every other weekend (which will become a lot more often when school starts), I play Age of Kings often, Call of Duty, and the very occasional bout of Warcraft III. Sometimes I shoot pool, but I can never get the bloody 8 ball in. I watch hockey and drink beer with friends whenever there's a game worth watching on. On rare occasions I'm fixing people's emotional problems. Well, okay, those occasions aren't so rare.

Suffice to say, I'm quite multi-talented.


[!--QuoteBegin-Still Life+Aug 31 2004, 02:19 AM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(Still Life @ Aug 31 2004, 02:19 AM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]Halo is awesome. We should play online sometime.

Sure...if you have MSN Messenger, add me to your contact list. ohgar_boy@hotmail.com

Still Life

Hmmmm, I only have AIM. But I downloaded that, so maybe I could download MSN messanger too. You know if that is possible? If not, oh well, no big deal.

Black Ace

MSN Messenger is avalble at www.msn.com. omewhere around there. Pretty good.

As for my hobbies, I spent a while at my computer, watch movies, read a bit (especially on the crapper [!--emo&:p--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/tongue.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'tongue.gif\' /][!--endemo--] ) I listen to a lot of music. 90% of this is either Miaden, or Bruces' solo stuff. I try to compose some music. But, unfortunately, in two weeks, school starts again :mad: [!--emo&:(--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/sad.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'sad.gif\' /][!--endemo--]