What Car do you drive?


Infinite Dreamer
I currently don't have a car and use public transport. My first car was a 1985 U.S army CJ-7 JEEP Wrangler. 6 cylendar, 4 speed, stick shift beast. My dad bought it in an auction and fixed it up with the Mexican taxpayer's money hehe. It was gorgeous:

Both the front and back fenders were solid metal (yup, one heavy gas gusler), fog lights, spot lights, designed to sit 6, but I had 8 people normally and without the top we managed 12 a couple of times hehe.

The first car I bought was a 1991 Chevy Berretta 6 cylander automatic. That thing could RUN and eat gas lol. Once did 110MPH from Phoenix to Tucson. I did a normally 2 hour drive in 45 minutes hahahaha. It got way too old and the repairs expensive, so I traded it in for a Chevy Aveo 2006. All bells and whistles, AC, MP3 player, heated mirrors, tinted windows, nice stereo, 5 speed stick shift. LOVED it. Did 90mph down west Texas and it was WHINNING lol. the rpms were up to 3.5 hahaha. It shook with the wind, very scary/exciting experience. Had that car for 9 years before trading it in for an Equinox. Very nice minivan, didn't have it long as I gave it back to the dealership when I moved back to Mexico.