Vocalists that were auditioned for Bruce Dickinson's replacement in 1993


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Wasting Love is a great song, and even heavier than some of Maiden's other "hit single" style songs. Wasted Years is, to me, Maiden at their most commercial, along with Can I Play With Adness and Flight of Icarus. Wasting Love has some fantastic drumming, some thick and distorted guitar work, and doesn't sound far removed from any of their other radio-friendly songs. It's a good tune.

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This subject always gets around Kiske, Doogie White, Steve Grimmett and other vocalists rumoured to have auditioned or sent a tape.

How about Russ North, ex Cloven Hoof? It looks like Russ made the final two, along with Blaze Bayley.

Check Russ's wikipedia page:

"North also reached the final two in the auditions to replace Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden in 1993, joining Blaze Bayley at bassist Steve Harris's house. Bayley, who was already a friend of the band and a member of Iron Maiden's own football team, won through, while North went to live in Spain."

Never heard about Russ being so close to replace Bruce before...
Lee Payne from Cloven Hoof has added a little bit more to the story regarding Russ North's audition for Iron Maiden:

Russ North may have been a lunch break away from joining Iron Maiden. :lol:

This Facebook post came in the wake of an interview with Metal Temple: http://www.metal-temple.com/site/ca...ttC0JOUfyGCWC20uYBww2bnX6sNfwAYIQrLEdAolGFosQ

Lee mentions that people told him that the 'Brave New World' riff was ripped off from a Cloven Hoof song, but he disagrees. I reckon he should call Bazza just in case.


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I listened to that riff, I can't think of anything from Maiden that sounds like it, but it certainly is a complete rip off of the outro of Warriors by Thin Lizzy.



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By the way, Man of Sorrows was also recorded in 1992 but ended up in Accident of Birth 5 years later.
The reason why Tears of the Dragon and Man of Sorrows are so similar in their structures, resembling the same sessions, are evident as they were arranged at the same time. Janick recorded the guitars in Man of Sorrows 1992 version... and somewhere I read that Gers came to play and rehearse Tears... but I don't remember where. Maybe in some old Rock Hard or Rip interview.
This is interesting. I didn't know it.
So somewhere in Bruce's archive there may be a "Man of Sorrow demo" which features Janick's guitars? It would be very interesting to hear it.

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There is. It's released on something, I can't remember what but you should be able to find it on youtube. The solo is a bit shit compared to the one we're used to though.
Found it

It’s from the Best of Bruce Dickinson compilation

Not bad, overall. Yeah the solo’s nothing special, but it was a demo after all
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In this recent interview (click here), Nicko confirmed that Maiden indeed wanted the replacement vocalist for Bruce to be British.

Despite that, they listened thousand of vocalists from all over the world.