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Ten Thousand to One and Matriarch are the easiest way in. Have we collectively recommended the full album yet?


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The whole album is amazing, but I would say try the title track and some of the more "single-oriented" tunes before diving in. Personally I don't find Awakening to be the best at gripping a new listener.


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Also Britney Slayes hairwhipped me in the face once and it might be on the top 5 things that have ever happened to me.
But did you “hit the report button” on her? That’s all that really matters.

Oops, this probably belongs in the DRUNK POSTING thread...

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This cropped up in my YouTube recommendations. It was filmed in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. Having a proper singer do karaoke is sort of cheating though.
I'm a bit annoyed that you guys ignored this video. Everyone got distracted by NP moaning about that silly website Metal Archives. ::) Who would ever think that a band that LC, MrK and Woggo like would have growls?


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I watched it. It sounded like Brittney Slayes doing karaoke.

I like the addition of growling to UTA songs, to be fair. The massive amount of layered vocals with quite high bits can get wearing after a while, it makes the overall sound of the band a lot more rounded to have contrasting vocals.


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I started listening to this band about a week or so ago. First impression was, "Wow, she's got a deep voice." It was definitely a nice change of pace from the plethora of soprano and mezzo-soprano led metal bands. Next impression was, they look so... average. Again, really liked that, they're not trying too hard for a "metal" image, they all look like average joes, including the singer who isn't some hypersexualized doll with pipes. As for the music I was like, "Huh, pretty cool, nothing earth shattering." Well, one week later I've got these guys on loop and absolutely loving every tiny detail. Current faves are Abyss and their Mad Max inspired, Tonight We Ride. I HATE their power ballad Heartless World, good lord what a pile of crap, but aside from the videos/albums I can youtube, that's the only low point.


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I do like the fact she doesn't overdo high notes. It's distinctive and gets away from that female-fronted symphonic band thing that's verging on cliche now.