Greenwich in the Sky
Lights Out and Rock Bottom are fantastic rockers, no doubt about it.

Doctor Doctor is also quite good but not as good as those two masterpieces.

Also, I find Crystal Light to be slightly underrated.
UFO are an excellent band, very underrated! I have never seen them, but I did meet Vinnie Moore at the live That Metal Show event a few years ago, no surprise that he was there of course, as Eddie Trunk is a huge UFO fan

So many great songs they have- Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot to Handle, Chains Chains, etc... and their new stuff is good too, I like their 2002 album "Sharks", that's pretty much the only one of their newer albums I've listened to, I have yet to check out more, but I'm sure they're good


I saw UFO open for Judas Priest last December, and enjoyed them more than the main band... Really good band with an excellent guitarplayer.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Lights Out - UFO

Too Hot To Handle - A strong mid paced track, with some real nice guitar work from Schenker. Mogg delivers vocally. Overall a really strong track - 9/10

Just Another Suicide - Another slower paced track, more strong guitar work from Schenker and the gang. Mogg is one fire once again. - 8.5/10

Try Me - A piano intro starts off this ballad, Phil sings sentimentally, an absolutely beautiful ballad. Schenker's outro solo just provides a brief taste of whats to come on the album closer. - 9/10

Lights Out - The Blistering title track tells of the London bombings, amazing in every aspect. - 10/10

Gettin' Ready - A slower mid paced track, much calmer than the title track, it starts off fine but isn't quite on par with the rest of the album - 7/10

Alone Again or - A calmer cover tune, short and sweet, some nice acoustic guitar work, not a standout track but it is a nice change from the harder sound of the rockers previously. 7/10

Electric Phase - A midpaced track, solid work overall by the band. 7.5/10

Love To Love - A beautiful calm ballad with roaring instrumental sections, this song is amazing, and is how to perfectly balance heavy and soft. 10/10

Overall 85%

Vantage Point

Educated Fool
Was shocked to read that, having just seen him a couple of weeks ago on stage with UFO, looked in fine health then.

RIP Paul.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Been listening to more videos from the UK tour. It is amazing how well Phil has preserved his voice, for a man of his age he has really maintained it well


Ancient Mariner
Phenomenon is such a strong album. Too Young To Know is not a very good opener but after Doctor Doctor the album is just one good song after the other.