A Blue Sector Mirage
Lights Out and Rock Bottom are fantastic rockers, no doubt about it.

Doctor Doctor is also quite good but not as good as those two masterpieces.

Also, I find Crystal Light to be slightly underrated.
UFO are an excellent band, very underrated! I have never seen them, but I did meet Vinnie Moore at the live That Metal Show event a few years ago, no surprise that he was there of course, as Eddie Trunk is a huge UFO fan

So many great songs they have- Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot to Handle, Chains Chains, etc... and their new stuff is good too, I like their 2002 album "Sharks", that's pretty much the only one of their newer albums I've listened to, I have yet to check out more, but I'm sure they're good


I saw UFO open for Judas Priest last December, and enjoyed them more than the main band... Really good band with an excellent guitarplayer.

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner

Lights Out - UFO

Too Hot To Handle - A strong mid paced track, with some real nice guitar work from Schenker. Mogg delivers vocally. Overall a really strong track - 9/10

Just Another Suicide - Another slower paced track, more strong guitar work from Schenker and the gang. Mogg is one fire once again. - 8.5/10

Try Me - A piano intro starts off this ballad, Phil sings sentimentally, an absolutely beautiful ballad. Schenker's outro solo just provides a brief taste of whats to come on the album closer. - 9/10

Lights Out - The Blistering title track tells of the London bombings, amazing in every aspect. - 10/10

Gettin' Ready - A slower mid paced track, much calmer than the title track, it starts off fine but isn't quite on par with the rest of the album - 7/10

Alone Again or - A calmer cover tune, short and sweet, some nice acoustic guitar work, not a standout track but it is a nice change from the harder sound of the rockers previously. 7/10

Electric Phase - A midpaced track, solid work overall by the band. 7.5/10

Love To Love - A beautiful calm ballad with roaring instrumental sections, this song is amazing, and is how to perfectly balance heavy and soft. 10/10

Overall 85%

The Dissident

Ancient Mariner
Been listening to more videos from the UK tour. It is amazing how well Phil has preserved his voice, for a man of his age he has really maintained it well


Ancient Mariner
Phenomenon is such a strong album. Too Young To Know is not a very good opener but after Doctor Doctor the album is just one good song after the other.