Tournament of Maiden Solos: the Top 10 video!

Which guitar solo is your favourite?

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I'm not as much of a guitar solo guru as some of you, but I'll try to play.

The "Phantom" solo has always been a particular favourite of mine, so it gets a vote. I'm a fan of "Where Eagles Dare" and I love the way the guitar and rhythm parts interact in the solo section, but the solo as such is less striking. After a few listens I prefer "Amigos" to "Seventh Son", so that's my second vote.


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Wait, did Jan's in the The Talisman make it on your list of solos we are voting for? If not, I'm pissed.


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Guys, you're supposed to vote for the best solos :D



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This is very tough! The first three are iconic, the last I have to admit I couldn't place but loved it, too (and this made me realize I need to revisit those neglected latter 90s albums). But in the end, that Phantom solo always gets me going. The languorous mood it sets up before the buildup and increasing speed of the next section is just mesmerizing. And that leads to the triumphant explosion of the drums and the guitars and the bass all weaving back together--one of my favorite ever epic metal moments. I have to hit replay on that song every time before I finish the rest of the album. So I'll cast my vote for the first one!


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I'm a fan of this game. I usually don't pay too much attention to solos they just kinda wash over me when I listen to the albums. So this is a great way of re-appreciating some of these tracks.

This round has two clear favorites for me (compared to last round) ; voting for 03 and 032, Transylvania and The Duelists.


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Going for 116 (TFF), for the prettier and more pocket sized of two solos that add life to a compact, no-frills song. Although I love Children of the Damned, I think I'm drawn more to the song than than solo, blistering though it is, so no to 010. 003 (Transylvania) is good, but it doesn't grab me as much as 032 (Duellists).
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May I suggest using real song titles when discussing the solos? Checking the numbers can be tiresome.

I voted for TFF and Children.


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Children and Duellists

I really like TFF though, I'm not the biggest fan of Transylvania.


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TFF's solo is one of the few good things about that song.


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Slippery TFF is Davey's best from the last album and gets my vote. Transylvania is about the riffs not the solos, Children sounds cool, but there's not a lot going on. The Duellists would be my second pick, but shorter is better in this case.