Top 3 IM Title Tracks?

What are Your Top 3 Favorite IM Title Tracks?

  • Iron Maiden

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Killers

    Votes: 9 20.0%
  • Number of the Beast

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • Still Life (I know, it's a stretch, but it was allowed in the other poll)

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Powerslave

    Votes: 34 75.6%
  • Caught Somewhere in Time (not exact, but I'll allow it)

    Votes: 16 35.6%
  • Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

    Votes: 21 46.7%
  • Fear of the Dark

    Votes: 10 22.2%
  • Brave New World

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • Dance of Death

    Votes: 11 24.4%
  • Satellite 15... The Final Frontier

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Book of Souls

    Votes: 15 33.3%
  • Senjutsu

    Votes: 4 8.9%

  • Total voters


Out of the Silent Planet
Powerslave, Dance Of Death and Senjutsu.

Fear Of The Dark, Brave New World, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Caught Somewhere In Time and No Prayer For The Dying are all on close second.
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el diablo

Educated Fool
I might as well chime in with mine:
1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Killers
3. Dance of Death (listening to this right now)

Number of the Beast and Powerslave would be next for me and, to be fair, if I was a brand new fan they might be top 3. But I had a brief Maiden phase as a teenager in the 80s and I kind of beat them to death. After that only Somewhere in Time stayed in my rotation permanently. Since I got back into them in 2020 I've been more loving the stuff from all the years that I missed out on.


Not sure about the order but I voted The Book of Souls, Powerslave and Seventh Son. My other picks would be CSiT and Dance of Death.


1. The Book of Souls -not only the greatest title track, but the greatest song I've ever heard.
2. Dance of Death- not only the second greatest title track, but the second greatest song I've ever heard
3. Fear of the Dark/Powerslave (couldn't decide which one is better but voted for Fear of the Dark)