To Tame a Land

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Out of the Silent Planet
Apparently a spoken intro was intended for ''To Tame A Land''. / Curious info. Never knew that.

in Luisma's book it says this about a voiceover that had been intended for To Tame A Land, "I was gutted, we had a spoken intro on it as well by a guy who sounded like Ralph Richardson".


Ancient Mariner
I also uploaded that info from the Kerrang magazine clippings. Take a look to the Oslo interviews @ Piece of Mind album clippings section.

Murder of Rue Morgue

They're never gonna find me!
In Portugal, Italy, Canada & Iceland there are vinyl versions of Piece Of Mind that lists the track as 'Dune'.
Musicassettes are found too, in Canada and in Italy (but I assume in other countries too).

Also, on a side note, on discogs I did find this musicassette attributed to Saudi Arabia. It says it is an unofficial re-release from 1986 which features a different track listing:

Side A
  1. Where Eagles Dare
  2. Revelations
  3. Flight of Icarus --> Still Life
  4. Die with your Boots on --> Quest for Fire
  5. x x x --> Another Life (!)
Side B
  1. The Trooper --> Flight of Icarus
  2. Still Life --> Die with your Boots on
  3. Quest for Fire --> Sun and Steel
  4. Sun and Steel --> Dune (To Tame a Land)
  5. To Tame a Land --> The Trooper
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Murder of Rue Morgue

They're never gonna find me!
Has ever been explicitly said (by Harris or someone linked to Harris) that that riff from To Tame a Land is based upon Albeniz' Asturias?


In the mire of an ancient swamp
A top 10 Maiden track which perfectly encapsulates the world it's trying to create. I cannot fail to be swept away every time the riff first hits and those slight effects shimmer in. They're subtle but every time i'm there, on Arrakis. Bruce does a great job at making the lyrics sound mystical and portentous instead of ridiculous as this is clearly one of the trickier lyric sheets he's been handed over the years. A full 10/10 track


Out of the Silent Planet
The only live video footage of this song. I wish they will play it again (played only on one tour... we need a better footage) - this classic epic deserves it. The song has such a unique atmosphere that is great for a live setting.

Btw, Steve had said in an interview (in 1983, I think) that ''To Tame A Land'' is the best song he has written so far.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
So let’s first talk about what Steve achieved here: The unique melodies of this song instantly transport me to Dune in spite of never having read the books nor seen the films. It’s such an odd Maiden sound that I feel like I know exactly what I’m looking at before the lyrics even come in. Nomadic, barren, yet glorious in a way. Poor Bruce, the verses are good but man is that a clusterfuck of a lyric. Love that buildup to the high note in the bridge. But this is where the song sort of loses me. We get a “Hallowed” retread for a solo section, and then head back to the intro without touching anything else of note. It’s like Steve now had a working mold he could use for an epic and tried to force his luck with it a second time. The result is a little uninteresting in places but still has enough moments that I really dig to make me enjoy it when it comes on. All I’m saying is it’s very imperfect, but also has a unique sound that I like and some strong moments within it, so I can round up in spite of its weaknesses. 8/10