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Really good write-ups @Dityn DJ James! Strong list too. Years of Decay had a similar effect on me! Surprised to see Voivod making the top 5 but great album nevertheless. Sabbat Dreamweaver :edmetal: Num Skull in there too..

I know this is highly subjective but there's a few I think you missed, although I do applaud you for leaving out all of the boring obvious ones.. :D
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Your #20 Overkill - Drunken Wisdom....that riff..makes me wanna destroy stuff :D

Stop cryin'
Ain't feeling sorry for you
Why don't you fade away?
Got no time
No time for what I gotta do
And get a message through
Kiss my ass
Your bitchin's a bore
Don't wanna hear it no more
So stop cryin'
Ain't feelin' nothing for you
Don't like it, there's the door



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No no...not "just" because they're Danish..(;)) but where would you rank Artillery? Fair enough if you haven't heard them before...

EDIT: Nevermind - I just understood from your list that you cut off period was 1989! Fair enough:) This album is one year later.

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Yes! So wanted to include that one, but I was only doing the 1980's lol. Loved By Inheritance, especially the vocals, pretty unique approach to vocals on that album. Beneath the Clay is so awesome, one of my favorite intros to any thrash metal song I've ever heard.


Ancient Mariner
Dityn, how do you value Agent Steel? Very original and melodic band. Powerful vocalist. Being someone who loves Maiden and Priest, this band is a blessing in a genre that often lacks in these departments.

Dityn DJ James

A coma stole my name.
Truth be told, I've been meaning to listen to Skeptics Apocalypse, Mad Locust Rising, and Unstoppable Force for some time now. I'll probably listen to them in May.

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Pretty epic melodic thrash song. Apparently this is their first release with a new singer and people aren't really liking the change. So I checked out their previous stuff and this new vocalist is way better. I guess the previous one is a bit more unique but I don't like his voice.