The Wicker Man And Priest's Running Wild



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And some fan asked Adrian in the Q&A with the band in 2002 (I think) if he had heard Priests Running Wild, and he answered that he heard it after he wrote The Wicker Man (someone had told him about the similarity).

Okay, saying "tribute to Priest" was a bit much, since I don't think Maiden were particularly influenced by Priest. I just wondered if they were aware of it, so that answers my question! (And I never said H needed to rip off Priest songs- I know that!) Anyway, they're both really cool songs, so who cares, right?


Re: The Wicker Man And Priest's Running Wild

I believe old school maiden have ALOT of similarity to Judas Priest, Running free, and the wickerman riff itself is very similar to Judas priest in the "hell bent for leather era".

I still think both bands are very original. No other band will come out with something like the album "number of the beast".

As for priest, i don't believe any other band will come out with something like the album  "sin after sin".

Both very original bands, but developed their music by influences of other bands.



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Re: The Wicker Man And Priest's Running Wild

Just to add a bit of musical theory into this (which SMX hasn't, for once!), both The Wicker Man and Running Wild begin in the Key of E.  Both use a 7-9-9 power chord based on the A string, with open E picking as well.  Effectively, the intros of each song use the same chord and same single's nearly impossible not to think them similar.  However, if you listen to each song, you'll notice that the rhythm (i.e. the number of open E's) is different in each song.  And after about 10 seconds or so, each song goes in a different direction.  Priest's song switches power chords, while Maiden's stays with the E5 chord until the pre-chorus.  By then, both songs are completely different.