The Post Your Own Music Thread

So I think the last time I was on here was shortly after The Final Frontier came out. Since then, I've been part of an international power metal collaboration project called Eons Enthroned. We put out our first album last summer.

This is our most popular single so far:

Didn't know this thread existed! My first full length album is finally ready and has been released to various streaming services

The genre is something between Heavy Metal and Power Metal, with a bit of Progressive Metal influences and some Greek Folk here and there. It was a huge learning experience, since I did the whole thing (except the album cover) by myself. Maybe someone will find something they like.
Don´t have Spotify so only could hear snippets but some good stuff! First track had a Blaze vibe, Fragments is my favourite!
I played rhythm guitar on my Vantage Point bandmates debut solo single, an instrumental track, I Don't Belong, which is available to stream now.

New song this month is a collaboration with a local vocalist here in Edinburgh, with a Deep Purple influenced 70s hard rock tune, 24 Hour Breakdown. Should be on all the major digital platforms, though as such for some reason it hasn't turned up on YouTube yet.

This is a live recording from my former band named Banished Reality (split in 2002). It was shot in January 1995, me on the left, I was 20 years old back then.
I didn't even know the gig was filmed or a tape existed until yesterday the bass player who lives in New York nowadays sent me the link. Poor quality, but it was definitely a great time.
Our guitarist has put out another solo track, so if you like guitar instrumentals then feel free to check it out. Of course we do not recommend committing Geometric Suicide ...

Our debut album, Daredevil on the Shore, celebrates its 15th Anniversary today. If you fancy checking out the title track, then here is a video of us on Seacliff Beach in North Berwick, Scotland, with the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle acting as a backdrop, as we pantomime along to the song.

One of our songs just made it onto American radio for the first time. It was picked up by a Seattle based station, against all odds because it's 9 minutes long and none of us are from Seattle.

Is the First Friday of the Month again, so we put out a new track, You Don't Know, which can obviously be streamed on all the digital platforms.

Here's a song I've been working on for a while. It's essentially a rock ballad, currently instrumental but I'm working with a guy who will hopefully deliver vocals for it. It's a work in progress and I'm looking forward to hear any feedback. Does anything sound out of place, out of balance, any tips on arrangement or production? The guitar solo starting at 2:07 is only a stand-in for demo purposes, I'm gonna record it properly with my amp.

You can check it out here on Dropbox. Thanks for listening!
I got many out of place /balance feelings.
First the melody is quite happy something I didn’t expect from the title. Then the pitch of the acoustic guitars are too high and generally high in the mix.
The sound was quite naked in many places like in dire need for more instruments, maybe a flute, bongos or organ.
I liked a lot the part around the solo.