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Are Survivors every song by an artist? I don't know that many Taylor Swift songs, but I'd play along with the ones I do know.

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Might be a good idea to do a shortened version where people nominate the songs they want featured in the game.

I only like one Taylor Swift song (I Knew You Were Trouble) so not sure whether I'd participate or not. Maybe further down the road.

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Are Survivors every song by an artist?
If it plays out the way I want it to, we'd do only album songs + bonus tracks.

Taylor Swift: 11 songs + 3 bonus tracks
Fearless: 13 songs + 5 bonus tracks
Speak Now: 14 songs + 3 bonus tracks
Red: 16 songs + 3 bonus tracks
1989: 13 songs + 3 bonus tracks
reputation: 15 songs

I don't think a shortened version would work that well because there aren't that many well known songs (especially from her first 3 albums). There would be 15–20 songs in the game at the most.


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I would just start with Red. I’m not interested in the earlier albums, personally.


Let's Get Volatile
Watched Into the Spider-Verse last night, it was awesome. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the soundtrack too, considering it's not my normal type of thing. Had this one on loop today:


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@Number 6

I plan on listening to the new album soon. Me! and YNTCD were great, the others I heard from it I’m not sure of yet.
Not really a fan of pop music or especially modern pop music. However I do love ABBA, Alsion Moyet, Cindy Lauper, Kylie, the older Pet Shop Boy stuff, Madness, Jenifer Rush, Boney M., Eurythmics and Kate Bush. So you could I ltruly love the old skool pop stuff.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
You like enough pop artists that it renders the statement "not really a fan of pop music" a bit meaningless, imo.

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Fucking love the new Taylor Swift. 9 or 10 listens in. Unfortunately theres a handful of skips in there (6 or 7 maybe). I feel a real connection with Nice to Have a Friend and Cruel Summer. Wonderful songs.