The Parchment


clap hands

A positive behemoth. A true masterpiece. Pummeling riff after pummeling riff. This is truly an accomplishment for Steve as it never loses steam, it just bludgeons through the world like a wooly mammoth. Steve really knocks this one out of the park. Even the regimented, metre-driven lyrics work well here. The guitar solos are endless and it rules (though I don't get what everyone's going on about re: Dave's solo, which sounds like typical Dave noodling that never really goes anywhere). The vocals do go on a bit in the same repetitive melody, but Bruce's ending crescendo makes it all worthwhile.

As for gripes? Riff at 3:30 is absolutely phenomenal. Wish it were harmonized more. Oh yeah, and there's way too many guitars-playing-vocal-melodies moments, but they're usually in a higher octave, at the very least.


I talk to planets…
From the very beginning of the intro we have a slightly ominous sense of dread. It's justified because when the riff crashes in it means business and so does every riff that follows. On my first listen where most of the songs didn't initially draw much blood, this is the one that grabbed my attention. It's the longest song on the album and it honestly feels about half of it's over 12 minute length, as it twists and turns from riff to riff, any one of which would sustain a song on it's own. Also this is the track where the guitars harmonising with the vocals works best. This is my first listen to the track in a few weeks and it frankly makes me want to be standing astride a desert mountain, beating my chest at the Sun. And that's what metal should do.