THE OPETH REFERENDUM MMXXI: Results -> Blackwater Park wins again!

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Detective Beauregard

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Death Whispered - Windowpane and Hope Leaves are top 10 Opeth, and Disease is proggy and creepy. I like this song, but its time has come.

Bleak - The chorus and instrumental are cool, but the first three minutes and the outro are dull to me. Still solid, but not top three on the album.

Harvest - The only thing growing in these fields are “meh”lons. Thanks folks, I’ll be here all night.

Dirge - It’s a mood piece, but it can’t compare to the other greats on the album.

Benighted - It works in the context of the album (much like Weakness), but it’s the only Still Life song that I never have the urge to listen to on its own. Plus I don’t love the way that the vocal lines are just kind of haphazardly thrown over the music at times.
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Dirge for November

Pain not being promoted is a shame but expected, likewise I'm not expecting Windowpane to be eliminated. It would be a nice curveball, but I'm fine if it makes it through.

Still Life is by far the best Opeth album. I spoke about this when talking about both Blackwater Park and Ghost Reveries, how I find many Opeth albums inconsistent in their quality, especially the pre-Heritage ones (that one is consistently shit).

Well, this is THE most consistent of the albums. It doesn't have Blackwater Park, or The Baying of the Hounds, but five of those songs can easily compete with almost any other Opeth song. The sixth song is Benighted, which is still pretty good but I like a bit less. And the seventh is Godhead's Lament, which is probably top 5 Opeth for me.

I found that with most albums I had my top two cemented and two songs fighting for third place, with Still Life I have no idea which of FIVE songs is second or sixth...

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Voted for Death Whispered A Lullaby, The Leper Affinity, Dirge For November, Godhead's Lament and Benighted.

Need more voters though.


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It's been a while since I last listened to any Opeth, but I was hoping White Cluster would go first.
I agree with this. I truly think it's a perfect album and there isn't a weak track, but if I had to choose, White Cluster would be like a 9.9999999/10 instead of a 10/10 like the rest.

Detective Beauregard

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Sigh. Another Opeth game, another short straw for Benighted.
Still Life is a masterpiece overall, but if viewed in parts, Benighted is easily the weakest of the bunch. White Cluster would probably be next to most, but what do I know? I’m voting for The Moor next round.

Godhead, Moonlapse, and Serenity are the skeleton of the album in my opinion.

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