The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)


Damn Madison Square Garden ticket prices are crazy. I really wanted to see Maiden again, but I'm not spending $130+ for 1 ticket. Last time I saw them was at a smaller arena in Newark NJ and only spent $50 GA during their Maiden England 2012 tour. I wish they at least had a PA show. Oh, well maybe in 2017....


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This has Rock am Ring / Festival Season written all over it in Europe.

I think I gotta Vomit


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This has Rock am Ring / Festival Season written all over it in Europe.

I think I gotta Vomit
Any rumours about Maiden headlining Rock am Ring? I wouldn't mind it, it would guarantee a proshot concert!


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Second LA date just added due to "huge demand." Would not at all be surprised if a show is added in NY. There is nothing scheduled at Madison Square Garden on March 28 or 29, but there is on April 1.


It's about time Maiden played Liverpool Echo Arena.
Last time they played Liverpool was on the Inter City tour in 1990 after the release of NPFTD.


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Well, announcements seem to be about 10am local time, let's see if 10am BST brings anything today.

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I saw somewhere this morning that Download is expected to make an announcement about headliners in the next week. I can't be bothered finding the link though.


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It wouldn't surprise me. They're doing lots of buildup on their FB page (which is irritating people) and they've now decided their early bird tickets have sold out - a sure fire indication they're going announce something now the tickets are full price.


Got my Toronto tickets from the Facebook pre sale!!! So happy and excited. I thought I was going to have to wait until the general public on sale tomorrow.

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Got my tickets for Vancouver. Section 105, row 25.

So about as close as I could get with the section, while still being in front of the stage, however it's the last row in that section. My only concern is, directly in front of my seats is a railing with the sections entrance right below me. So no one is blocking my view, but hopefully the light from the entrance directly below, won't be too annoying.

Sad about the price, $237 CAD for two tickets.