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The Mercenary

Discussion in 'Brave New World' started by gor, Oct 10, 2003.


How good is The Mercenary on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Fugazi

    Fugazi Alchemist

    Another great rocking song, like the guitar soloing on this one also, 8/10.
  2. bearfan

    bearfan Ancient Mariner

    Good rocking song, but like Fallen Angel lacks that special "something" to make it a great song (like Wickerman).  I give it a 7.
  3. 8. Good song. I really like the chorus.
  4. Revelations85

    Revelations85 Trooper

    I voted 7/10, but really should have voted 6. It is a decent song, nothing special.
  5. TheSeventhSonRoberto

    TheSeventhSonRoberto Rockin in Rio

    9/10 I really love this song 4th best song in the album.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2013
  6. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands


    An awesome rocker, but a bit repetitive. That riff under the chorus is sweet. I really love Nicko's drumming on this song.
  7. Eddieson

    Eddieson Nomad

    The worst rocker on the album, and I don't like that people often seems to mention this in the same vein as The Fallen Angel, the Fallen Angel is much better! (Even a tad better then The Wickerman, but that's blasphemy I suspect... :p )

    But even the worst rocker in good on Brave New World! Verses are cool but nothing special, the chorus is to repetitive and uninspired but still good, but I prefer the alternative melody Bruce does in Rock In Rio.

    (2:48 )

  8. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    Notice the little aerial runway Bruce uses at 2:00 in that Rock in Rio video. Looks fun :D
  9. Eddieson

    Eddieson Nomad

    I had a school presentation back in 2008-2009 something. Everyone talked open their interests and I talked about Iron Maiden. I told them their singer is so cool because he sings while running, jumping and flying around the stage. My class didn't believe me so I showed them this clip from Rock In Rio. :D
  10. Gk1

    Gk1 Ancient Mariner

    Great solos and vocal lines. Awful drums and chorus
  11. Pand

    Pand Ancient Mariner

    One of my favourite tracks on the album.
  12. TheTalisman

    TheTalisman Fågel

    Gers reworked some old White Spirit stuff for this song. ;)
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  13. Brigantium

    Brigantium Work Geordie for hire Staff Member

    Montsegur is the song that really jumps out to me as one where you can hear White Spirit
  14. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    But the Mercenary has literal riffs from this demo. Nice it's online, The Talisman!
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  15. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    If this song was written today, it would likely be forgotten in favor of the epics and never played live. I'm glad they did play it live because it goes down really well.

    After a slew of more complicated proggy songs, we get another classic rocker. The main riff sounds like something off of Fear of the Dark. The chorus totally rocks. It sounds like familiar territory for Maiden, but it's not a rehash. It sounds like a modernized Maiden.

  16. Generic Maiden track. Chorus is too repetitious, and nothing really stands out overall, besides the opening riff. Good song though. 7/10
  17. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Not bad for filler. Was pretty cool to hear it live. 6/10.
  18. BeThyJames

    BeThyJames Trooper

    The chorus just about elevates this above filler material. Decent melodic rocker.

  19. Poto

    Poto Ancient Mariner

    After what are arguably the best four openings songs on any Maiden album, this is a bit of a letdown. It does have it's moments though. I like the pre-chorus, and the chorus itselft has some nice guitar playing. Good solos as always.

  20. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands


    The Mercenary is an upbeat rocker about a hitman who becomes caught up in his own game of cat and mouse. It’s placed perfectly on the album between the more emotionally heavy material. Although it has never been stated by the band members, the lyrics share some similarities with the plot of Predator, which makes me like the song even more (whether it actually inspired the words or not). Gers wrote most of the music, but it’s Dave and Adrian who get to trade solos on The Mercenary and it is sheer joy to hear these guys dueling each other again. Dave’s blistering solo paves the way for a wailing lead by H before all three guitarists join in for a brief unison section. Small compositional choices make this album special, like the single line delivered here by Dickinson accompanied by only the drums before the rest of the band crashes in with the final chorus. A classic Maiden rocker with new Maiden attitude.

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