The Last Weekend


Ancient Mariner
I managed to post my own thread on this (which I have deleted!) and miss this one.

I'll be there for sure. Making the journey down from up north. Any other Maidenfans going for definite?

One of the bands I manage are playing there; Metalloid. They're a bit of a last minute addition, so they're the first band on, on the Saturday at 4pm.

What's the betting that someone from Maiden will make an appearance?


Albie said:
Good stuff, it's your round :D
national acrobat said:
Yeah, I'll have a pint and a whiskey waiting for me please. :D
Go fuck yourselves :D

7th Son, me and Nush are already down here, and Albie should be coming later today as far as I'm aware, sadly I don't have a pic available to show you what we look like, but keep an eye out for the really sexy guy with a load of birds hanging off him, and Nush will be beside me.


Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
I have to say, I absolutely enjoyed Hi-on Maiden immensely. All the stuff they played in their main set was from the DiAnno era and they sounded f'ing brilliant.

Problem was, I had to leave during the encore (I did catch Rime of the Ancient Mariner though) to get the last train home, so now I'm going to find out that the rumours were true and the Hi-on Maiden and friends would have been worth missing the last train for.


Ancient Mariner
What a fantastic weekend that was. Unfortunately I didn't see any Maidenfans though (well, none that I was aware of!). The place was packed out with Iron Maiden fans from all across Europe, and even further afield, met a few guys there from the USA. The atmosphere there was incredible, a worthy send off to an historic venue. A friend of mine who has never cared much for Maiden was converted, by the sheer passion of those in attendance and i've now let him borrow a stack of cd's!

While at first hesitant to disturb Clive, I eventually plucked up the courage and it was an honour to meet the guy. His other half was even kind enough to take a few of our cd's home with her to get us them signed for the following day. Rumors were rife that Maiden would be in attendance, the strongest one being that Bruce would sing with Hi-on Maiden, due to his name apparently being on the guestlist. This would, however, prove to be false in the end, but it didn't at all affect the enjoyment of the weekend. I've been to the Ruskin a few times, but after spending 16 hours in there at the weekend and the maiden camaraderie which was felt throughout, it was a genuinely sad moment when it came to leaving the place for the last time.

Did anyone here manage to catch Metalloid, the first band on, on the Saturday?