The Great Unknown

How good is The Great Unknown on a scale of 1-10?

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8. Pushing 9. Very strong piece, Bruce is powerful through out, I wish it had another verse, but overall the length of the song is fine. Don’t mind the abrupt ending as much as some. I was elated that it found its way into the set list, and it didn’t disappoint.
Third favorite song on BOS. Dark brooding song that fits the theme of BOS perfectly. It’s always reminded me a bit of the Mother of Mercy of this album: in that it’s a little under appreciated. Gets regular listens in rotation.
Side note: the way in which Bruce handles this chorus is exquisite. The “never eeeend-ing” line just hits me in the pit of my soul every time. Then jumping back up up up with the deSIREs of men”... what a wild ride Bruce takes us on. Absolutely brilliant..
Between an 8 and 9 for me, I gave it an 8. One of my fears going into this album, post cancer announcement, was Bruce's voice. He sounded godlike on AMOLAD, but with the exception of a few moments he sounded more bored/tired/strained on TFF. When this song kicked in my first thought was "holy fuckballs Bruce ain't playing around here." His vocals are constantly grabbing you by the throat and that riff just locks in and is a real headbanger. I like the sudden ending too. Better to be left wanting more than waiting for it to end.
this is brilliant, love the outro when it sneaks back in to just deliver a single line of lyrics, it reminds me of Won't get fooled again

since I'm rating the rest of the album, original comment stands, third 10/10 track in a row.
So I love this song particularly the outro.
I was a teenager in my he 80s rocking out to IM but it’s crazy to me how their contemporary material is as good if better then the classic 80s stuff.
I wish my lifetime favorite bands Rush and Yes had continued to grow in brilliance artistically on this level.
I know this song gets kind of mixed reviews but I really enjoy its unpredictability. Weird vocal phrases, unconventional structure, the kind of thing I appreciate from Steve. The chorus is also very infectious. I do get the criticisms though - Bruce strains a little and the song is lacking that extra something to make it more memorable. It’s not really about anything (the real great unknown) and maybe could have benefited from some more riffing. Still a decent track. 6