The Great Unknown

How good is The Great Unknown on a scale of 1-10?

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This song is unique in the catalogue because it's the only co-written Smith song from the current line-up that has Janick doing the first solo. Can't remember who does the next, but I thought both H and Dave did one as well. From my first impression: this song is imo one of the three/four least good ones.
Oh God, i absolutely LOVE this one ! Great Verse. Neckbreaker
I think it's a good song that only suffers when compared to some of the epics songs on disc one. The opening building reminds me of The Longest Day.
To me this song is like a mixture of Starblind, Mother of Mercy and Judgement of Heaven. It's very entertaining, but kind off drops of at the end. Nevertheless, 9/10 [\spoiler]
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This song is very much a grower. My initial impression of the song was very lukewarm, as there's nothing about it which really leaps out on initial listenings, apart from H's dramatic solo. It's sound is very much in the AMOLAD vein, and like many of that album's songs, it's true worth only becomes apparent after repeated listenings. It's a slow burner of a song, with a great sense of atmosphere, that really makes it's presence felt once it gets under your skin. This one is definitely going to be overlooked by most, but I love it!
I remember liking the song at first listen, but since I have not been really fond of it and, apart from Bruce's original vocal melody at the beginning, I don't find anything really striking. The vocals sound a bit strained at times. Let's hope it will grow on me.