The Future Past Tour: Will you check the setlist before seeing the show or do you wanna be surprised?

Will you read spoilers & check for the setlist before seeing the show, or do you wanna be surprised?

  • Definitely will know the set before

    Votes: 23 57.5%
  • I'll have it all as surprise

    Votes: 17 42.5%

  • Total voters
Am going to the 2nd show in Prague so will try to avoid the setlist.

I can just avoid this forum easily enough for a few days but if they play Alexander the Great then I expect it'll make headlines in metal news sites.

Sometimes I look up the set and make a playlist to listen to leading up to the gig but I have been listening to maiden for years and years and prefer the surprise.


Out of the Silent Planet
I always prefer to know the setlist and discuss it with the fans, unless it's the opening concert of the tour. It's great fun. Yeah, the surprise might not be that big, but when you see the amazing show live, so what. I also like to watch some clips on YouTube from the tour and when I go to the concert it's still great. That's what I did with LOTB tour. And... I can't resist, haha.


Meme Lord
I'll be there on the first night on the tour. I plan on live posting the setlist as it goes here on the forum too.

When I post Alexander The Great as the next song they are playing, it's gonna be the most groundbreaking moment in the history of this forum, maybe the world.
I'll stand right next to you.
Take a picture of you each time they start a song.
Compile those 16-17 photos in a GIF.
Name the GIF "I-can't-believe-they-didn't-played-that-one".
Make money.

I won't know the setlist since it's the first date, but I would love to know it.
TBH, I was kinda disappointed with the setlist from last year, so I would like to avoid it this time.
Not happening, tho.