The Future Past Tour: Will you check the setlist before seeing the show or do you wanna be surprised?

Will you read spoilers & check for the setlist before seeing the show, or do you wanna be surprised?

  • Definitely will know the set before

    Votes: 25 55.6%
  • I'll have it all as surprise

    Votes: 20 44.4%

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Dick Brucinson

Dave Sustaine
This is a poll for all of us seeing the upcoming tour: Simple question: Will you read spoilers and check for setlist details before seeing the show, or do you wanna be surprised?
In the past 30 years I never had a problem with spoilers, but this time I think I'm gonna try to avoid the board after the tour starts and before seeing them in Krakow. I hope I'll be able to stay strong... :innocent:
I won’t be seeing them live this year anyway so I’ll know the setlist on day one. Back in 2018, keeping up with the buzz on the forum actually made me more excited to see the show and thus made me enjoy the show more. On the flip side, knowing what the setlist would be last year actually dropped my anticipation levels and made me end up loving the show more than I thought I would. And temptation is a motherfucker so yeah, I’ll be following along lol.
I like knowing with Maiden ahead of time. It isn't like going to see the Grateful Dead or Bruce Springsteen where the setlist changes every night.
Before the Legacy '22 tour, I told myself I didn't want to be spoiled and that I wanted to unfollow Maiden on every social media platform. Unfortunately, oblivious me didn't do that in time and got spoiled with Senjutsu Eddie and the Japanese stage setup. Then when I saw the set list appear in my Instagram feed I didn't care anymore. I didn't tell my dad because he went with me to the show in Arnhem and he was pleasantly surprised by Senjutsu Eddie and all the props like the Icarus or the Spitfire.

Now for the Future Past tour I DEFINITELY want it to remain a surprise. I unfollow anything Maiden related a week before the tour starts, just in case. Senjutsu and Somewhere in Time are my favorite Maiden albums so I want to be surprised by what songs we get! I think the show gets a million times better for me personally if I don't know what song comes next. For the Legacy '22 tour, I made a playlist and listened to it nonstop in preparation, but that ruined some of the excitement, although it was still the most memorable concert to date for me.
Really! Why not keep your phone in your pocket and just enjoy the live experience. You can always post in the forum after the gig or the next day
Agree. On the other hand, I spent every "first night" of the past 10 years on this forum. I enjoyed the shared excitement and the pleasure of discovering the setlist, song by song, with my fellow maiden fans. It was always great and this is because some dudes took the time to share the information during the show. Thanks to them.
I'll absolutely spoil myself. Otherwise the internet will just inadvertently do it for me anyway. Plus I want to Youtube clips of the show and see how well the boys can perform whatever mix of songs they end up choosing.

Same here. Furthermore, I will probably make a playlist so my daughter can familiarise herself with the Senjutsu songs.
I'm not gonna spend the entire night posting on the forum lmao

It takes 5 seconds to enter the name of the song and post it and put the phone back in my pocket.
I'm not gonna spend the entire night posting on the forum lmao

It takes 5 seconds to enter the name of the song and post it and put the phone back in my pocket.

You forget that us old farts cannot type that fast.

1. Take phone out of pocket
2. Search for reading glasses
3. Start typing
4. Oh no, bloody auto-correct!
5. Post message
6. Put phone back in pocket
7. Put reading glasses in pocket

By the time we have finished doing that Wrathchild would be over and we would have to start again!
I'll be there on the first night on the tour. I plan on live posting the setlist as it goes here on the forum too.

When I post Alexander The Great as the next song they are playing, it's gonna be the most groundbreaking moment in the history of this forum, maybe the world.

I can understand wanting to contribute to the community, but just enjoy the gig would be my advise.