The Future Past tour 2023

Sea Of Madness.. Loneliness.. Deja Vu... instead we get the crappy Heaven Can Wait... the cheesy Wasted Years and then the same Fear of the Dark and Iron MaidenzzzzZzZzZzZzzZzz

I think based on set length The Trooper might be next before WY since it was in the encore last year as well. But who knows? I still think them dropping Hallowed would be unthinkable but no NotB already is unthinkable. Fucking hell. This whole set is unthinkable!
1.Caught somewhere in time
2.Stranger in a Strange Land
3.Writing on the wall
4.Days of future past
5.Time Machine
6.The prisoner
7.Death of the Celts
8.Can I Play with Madness
9.Heaven can Wait
10.Alexander the great
11.Fear the dark
12.Iron Maiden
13.Hell on earth