The Final Frontier Reviews Thread

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone. BTW, don't be shy to point out if there is something you don't agree with. :)

no5 is right, I did this in fairly short time. Basically it was developing further some thoughts I had after waking up and listening to the album one morning.

I didn't mean to say that the lyrics are all I see in this album, but I just felt I couldn't say much about the music other than "I love that riff" or "that's a great solo", and I think that wouldn't be very interesting for anyone to read.
Great review Perun, I really enjoyed reading it.

I must say, this album has gone from good to better to great to amazing to me over the course of the last 4 months.  I especially feel that the Alchemist/Isle of Avalon/Starblind/Talisman grouping of songs to be some of the bands very finest work.  And certainly the highlight of the reunion era to me.

I've even really warmed up to Satellite 15 when thought of as a cinematic intro piece instead of merely a song intro.

I can't wait for years and years of repeat listens.
Perun: saved your excellent essay (better call it that than a review) to my computer for future reference. Your interpretation of the lyrics of this album does not seem far-fetched at all and even if Maiden themselves never meant for us to interpret their music this way, may I go ahead and suggest that you might just have started to crack those limits of your own mind by finding meaning in words that nobody else found before you!

Now looking forward to Maiden in Berlin even more! :rocker:
Thanks Max :) I still think I need to work on the wording a bit here and there, but all in all that is what the album has me think.

3. June is still so far away :(