The Edge of Darkness

How good is The Edge of Darkness on a scale of 1-10?

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Blaze gives a haunting performance in the intro. I think he gives one of his best performances in the verses. Great solos and melodies by Davey and Janick. Dark and haunting lyrics. An easy 10. Plus just look to the left and you'll see how much I like this song!  :D


10, one of my favourite Blaze songs. Again, really for me the MOTE single has most of the best material IMO.


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A perfectly serviceable song. Nothing very memorable, though.

Lyrics questions:

- Room service? Really?
- Is this soldier going up river armed with a Pabst Blue Ribbon?


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Your homework: go watch Apocalypse Now, then go read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Write a compare and contrast essay when you're complete.


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I've definitely seen Apocalypse Now, but I can't say as though I would recognize quotes from it other than the most famous ones, i.e. "the smell of napalm in the morning". Heart of Darkness also seems very familiar, perhaps I read it back in high school and failed to retain any of it.

This song should have been longer. I feel like all that brooding atmosphere and building tension comes flat and I felt like the song had only just started. Am I the only one thinking this is a bit anti-climactic?


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This is probably the most underrated song by hardcore fans. The guitar on this song is nothing short of outstanding, the atmosphere it creates is eerie, Blaze puts on one of his very best performances and the source material comes from one of my favourite movies. Progressive metal brilliance.

Special praise for that solo at 4:34, probably one of my favourite Maiden solos.


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Not at all, look at the voting pattern.

Considering the amount of fans this album has on the forum, you'd expect that, in my opinion at least, the second best song would get some more coverage.

I think it's the same thing with Revelations and Sea Of Madness with casual fans, if you let them listen to it, they'd love it, but they'd be more likely to remember the classics.


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Considering the amount of fans this album has on the forum, you'd expect that, in my opinion at least, the second best song would get some more coverage.
By that logic you'd expect this forum to have more discussion/thread-traffic regarding Iron Maiden! :p
Instead you find more Sabaton chat & kitty discussion though...


I talked about emotion on my last post (Blood On The World's Hands) and I hear so much of this in this one too! Just listen to Blaze at the pre-chorus (2:08)!
The tempo changes and that emotional riff kicks in (yes it's very similar to Hallowed Be Thy Name). The following verses are some of Blazes best ones, and the solos are wonderful to!

This one have a interesting structure as well, and I usually think about it as platforms with different dynamics and tempos. The song starts at platform 1 (0:00 - 2:07), goes to platform 2 (2:08 - 2:56) platform 3 (2:57 - 5:23), back to platform 2 (5:23 - 5:48) and down to the first platform (5:48-6:39). When the song is done it feels like I've climbed a mountain up to the climax, and then climbed down again. I know that was a strange explanation, but that's just how I see the song.



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The X Factor is full of heavy hitters - SotC, Lord of the Flies, Fortunes of War, Judgement of Heaven… - and even out of these this song stands out. It wasn’t always the case: when I listened to TXF for the first time, this was the moment I fell asleep - I admit, the first listen was a tough one. But it grew upon me - the atmosphere, the guitars, even the lyrics. The Apocalypse Now basis is really good and endears the song to me even more, since I really like the movie. The buildup is absolutely amazing. What Eddieson wrote really fits - climbing up and down a mountain, in a single song. I love, love, love this one. A perfect ten, second for The X Factor (yes, Sign might be a tad better).