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The Edge of Darkness

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Anonymous, Apr 11, 2004.


How good is The Edge of Darkness on a scale of 1-10?

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Here, you can read other visitors' comments on 'The Edge Of Darkness' as well as post your own. Any contribution to the commentary will be much appreciated, may it be cultural references relevant to the song (links to related websites, interpretations that may have been overlooked in the Commentary, and the like) or personal essays related to the topic of the song. Just be aware that messages that are either off-topic or too wacky may be deleted.
  2. Uwe

    Uwe Trooper

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    This song directly quotes the movie "Apocalypse Now", and I always have sequences from the movie flickering through my head when listening to this song. Another good song on a good but lengthy album.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    There's now a new update of the commentary on 'The Edge Of Darkness'. Comments are welcome. [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":)\" border=\"0\" alt=\"smile.gif\" /]
  4. Kynisk Sokol

    Kynisk Sokol Ancient Mariner

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    Great updated commentary, I think I should dig out my DVD of Apocalypse Now again, I haven't seen it in a few years, but then again, it is very long. (I have the redux version with an extra 49 minutes so it's 195 minutes long altogether)
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    I must say that the commentary is excellent, as are all the links that go with it.
    I've just started reading the mind-feeding book by Conrad, and already came across a perfect quote that tells of deep knowledge of combat and human nature.

    Land in a swamp, march through the woods, and in some inland post feel the savagery, the utter savagery, had closed round him—all that mysterious life of the wilderness that stirs in the forest, in the jungles, in the hearts of wild men. There's no initiation either into such mysteries. He has to live in the midst of the incomprehensible, which is also detestable. And it has a fascination, too, that goes to work upon him. The fascination of the abomination—you know, imagine the growing regrets, the longing to escape, the powerless disgust, the surrender, the hate.
    Things like that can only be written by someone who has really lived them...

    If we go back to Maiden, an interesting comparison can be drawn between lyrics written by Steve for "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" and the lyrics to this song.
    But how can we let them go on this way?
    The reign of terror corruption must end
    And we know deep down there's no other way
    No trust, no reasoning, no more to say

    Now I stand alone in the darkness with his blood upon my hands
    Where sat the warrior the poet, now lie the fragments of a man
    I've looked into the heart of darkness where the blood-red journey ends
    When you've faced the heart of darkness even your soul begins to bend

    The difference between the moods is apparent. The first quote reminds me of a documentary I saw once about US troops in the training camp. They were all full of partiotic pride and certainty about their future mission. "Yeah, I'm scared. But I have to defend peace," one of them said with a smile, holding a picture of his wife and little daughter. I wonder how he's doing now :: .

    As for the song we are talking about, I gave it four stars. Apart from the lyrics I like the subtle intro/outro, the riffs, as well as the solo parts with some nice drumming. I'm probably not alone in thinking that the bit just before Dave's solo is excellent.
  6. Wicker Man

    Wicker Man Trooper

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    Is it possible that Maiden wanted to call this song Heart of Darkness but legal rights stopped them like with To Tame a Land? I found it strange at first when I found that the edge od darkness is never said in the song although the heart of darkness is said several times. Then when I saw in the commentary that this is the title, I assumed that they weren't allowed to call it that. Am I right?
  7. Raven

    Raven Ancient Mariner

    'the Edge Of Darkness'

    [!--quoteo(post=130074:date=Mar 1 2006, 04:19 AM:name=Wicker Man)--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(Wicker Man @ Mar 1 2006, 04:19 AM) [snapback]130074[/snapback][/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]
    Is it possible that Maiden wanted to call this song Heart of Darkness but legal rights stopped them like with To Tame a Land? I found it strange at first when I found that the edge od darkness is never said in the song although the heart of darkness is said several times. Then when I saw in the commentary that this is the title, I assumed that they weren't allowed to call it that. Am I right?

    Maybe not. The song both begins and ends at the 'Edge of Darkness', where Willard hs yet to enter the nightmare of the jungle/has left it behind respectively, rather than in the 'Heart of Darkness'. Of course, it is entirely possible, but they probably would have made it clear to their fans at some point (similarly to 'To Tame a Land'). Anyway, onto the song itself. As with many songs on The X Factor, it starts off very slow and soft, before ripping the soft melody open with a superb riff. The solos are excellent, and having seen the film I can say the lyrics perfectly sum up the sense of madness and horror that go through Willard's mind. 4 stars for me
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    I re-read the commentary and one statement caught my eye - that civilisation prevents us from exploring the depths of the mind, for fear of what we might find. This is a bit of a cliche.

    Is it really modern society that makes us keep our dark sides at bay? Isn't it simply the instinct to preserve oneself and those around us? Or maybe we are unable to face our own darkness because we are cowards?

    We know so much about ourselves (philosophies, biology, psychoanalysis, religion and sociology) yet we are still afraid - that we might lose the illusion of being strong, important, useful, worthy of love, worth anything at all. Face to face with our darkest urges, we might just break down with terrible exhaustion and refuse to go on.

    Because this is exactly how an average person might react to "looking into the abyss". Unlucky those who were forced to look, by circumstance.

    In the light of this, the lyrics to another song on the album, 'Look For The Truth', get a new twist for me. Look for the truth within, even at the risk of not being able to handle it?
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    Being afraid is natural feeling that is tightly linked to the self-preservation instinct. When a prey runs from a predator, it is not 'afraid' in the sense humans feel fright, but it knows that it has to run to save its life. Does that make the prey 'a coward'? I think not.

    Although we, as humans, have developed feelings -- such as love, stemming from the need to reproduce, or fear, coming for the urge to escape danger -- we still have basic 'programmes' in us that help us in our survival like they helped our ancestors a few hundred of thousand years ago when life was a daily struggle to stay alive. When we face the darkness that's inside us, we sometimes feel this fear in respose to the potential danger it represents, both for ourselves and for others around us.

    It seems logical to say that, when facing this darkness, fear is a healthy reaction. It is beneficial to both the individual and to the human society in the long run. Those who do not fear this potential danger become themselves dangerous -- the abyss stares back -- and can disrupt an otherwise relatively peaceful human community.

    It takes courage to face the darkness that's inside us. It's even more courageous to keep it at bay, like dangerous animals are kept in cages when they are in our midst. Who would want a starving man-eating tiger roaming the village square?
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    The tiger won't become less of a predator when kept 'safe'. Let him starve and get near the cage - even his mad roar might cause a heart-attack. You have to *feed* him in order to be left in peace, and even then you are at risk that he might break out of the cage one day.

    Fear *is* a healthy reaction, just as pain is, but self-denial is not a solution.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    I never said that tigers in cages should be ignored and not fed. Feeding an inner dark side, on the other hand, allows it to grow and possibly take over -- and that can be extremely dangerous. These things are better acknowledged, may it be by will-power or by professional help, but also certainly left alone.

    If you notice that a kid has got a taste for sharp objects, would you get him/her a butcher's carving knife for xmas?

    Think about it...  -_-
  12. Wicker Man

    Wicker Man Trooper

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    Reading the commentary about how in war people can easily do things considered horrible in the normal world reminded me of the war scene from The Meaning of Life, "Here is better than home, eh, sir? I mean, at home if you kill someone they arrest you, here they'll give you a gun and show you what to do, sir. I mean, I killed fifteen of those buggers. Now, at home they'd hang me, here they'll give me a fucking medal, sir."
  13. Play Classics!

    Play Classics! Prowler

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    Amazing song, and one that should be played live again sometime soon.  Blaze dominates the song, and it's a prime example of why he was the right man to sing on this album.
    I 'kin love everything about this one.  The slow build-up, the moody first verses, the way it explodes into the third verse, the Trooper-flavoured lead riff, the galloping parts - DAMN this is pure Maiden all the way through.  10/10.
  14. Zare

    Zare Dream of broken citadels

    Re: 'The Edge Of Darkness'

  15. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    Welcome to the Daily Vote Thread! Rules are here.

    Remember, only a decent review will count towards the contest.

    Today's song: The Edge of Darkness

    Yesterday's song remains open for voting! You can find it here. [hr][/hr]

    I've walked into the heart of darkness...

    Deep, powerful, brooding and dangerous music to match lyrics that can be equally described. Of all the tracks Blaze sings on, I think he does this one the best; it seems to match his lower voice and his more melancholy sound perfectly. It goes from slow and building to strong, powerful, exciting. And now I understand why the genius must die!

    Fuck. 10/10. This song has been racing up my standings the last few years, and might break the top 10 next time I re-evaluate.
  16. Prowler_108

    Prowler_108 Trooper

    Re: Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    10 from me as well.  Contender for my favorite Blaze song; everything here is perfect, from the tense, mood setting intro, to the mid-tempo, heavy as fuck part, then finally to those classic Maiden riffs and a performance from Blaze that should shut any haters right up.  I would do unforgivable things to hear this one live.
  17. Taker

    Taker Cannon Fodder

    Re: Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    8 out o 10... A solid tune with lots of classic Maiden moments, and probably the best song on the album. The whole band is cooking, and this is about the best Blaze ever sounded to me...
  18. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Re: Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    I'm not going to say Blaze is better than Bruce, but boy, I don't see how any of these songs would sound any better with Bruce than Blaze. Have you taken the time to listen to Blaze's solo stuff at all, taker? I can't remember if anyone's asked you.
  19. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    10. This song is destroyer! Those intro chords are hair raising, the helicopter sound just sends you to another dimension of sounds and images. Blaze's performance is absolutely stunning, the way he delivers the lyrics is like he has a really strong relation to that kind of situation or that psychological condition; Davey and Jan are on fire on this album! Janick' solo is unique, perfect, master class! The song's main melody and the "Here, I am - the knife in my hand and now, I understand why the genius must die!" accompainment melody are the kind of thing you listen, feel and say "Man, no wonder why this band is idolized by millions." :edmetal:

    I hit 9 on the poll, unwillingly, so please, can some mod delete it so I can vote correctly? I asked once the same request, but it fell on deaf ears. Cheers. UP THE IRONS!!!

    Just for the record, as we're on The X Factor theme, I used to record 90 minutes cassettes with all the songs from the album, including the B-Sides (except the covers). Since the internet dominion and the musical media carrying modes, with all the facility to make playlists, virtually, anywhere, I always listen to The X Factor with the following track list, keeping it perfectly flowing and coherent:

    Sign Of The Cross
    Lord Of The Flies
    Man On The Edge
    Fortunes Of War
    Look For The Truth
    Judgement Day
    The Aftermath
    Judgement Of Heaven
    Blood On The World's Hands
    I Live My Way
    The Edge Of Darkness
    Justice Of The Peace
    2 A.M.
    The Unbeliever
  20. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Re: Daily Song: The Edge of Darkness

    You can delete your own vote now.

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