The Duellists

How good is The Duellists on a scale of 1-10?

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Out of the Silent Planet
Another hidden gem. Steve's bass work on it is tremendous. Powerful drums from Nicko too. The chorus is just oh-oh (like in Trooper) and it is ideal for the song. I really like the heavy riff and the pre-chorus/verses. Both solos are very good, especially Adrian's one which is crazy. After them it has an amazing twin-lead guitar harmony which is vintage Maiden !!! Then comes one very heavy part with very powerful drums - superb (which I think inspired a lot of thrash metal bands riffs). Overall, the instrumental work is phenomenal. So are Bruce's vocals. 8/10.


My favourite song off Powerslave and it forms the centerpiece of the whole record in my opinion. The middle of the song is phenomenal, being a three minute stretch of solo after solo. It has a 70's progressive rock vibe to it. The melody at the 4:13 point is one of the most iconic things Maiden have ever produced. Duelists is the bridge between the more straightforward songs of the A-side and the longer, more progressive B-side. 10/10


Dominus et deus
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Re: Daily Song: The Duellists

I can't find anything interesting about the middle part. Yeah, it's different, but I just can't find anything particularly captivating about it. The vocals sound strained, the rest of the music sounds uninspired. To me, this is utterly forgettable. 4/10.

I don't know how this happened, but after 16 of listening to this song, trying to like it as much as everybody else but finding it dull, on a random listening to the album, it suddenly clicked with me. I still think that Bruce's performance is among the lesser ones of his oeuvre, but it seems that from one moment to the other, I suddenly "got" the instrumental section and I see why it's so highly rated.


To me, it's a song that grows over time. Last time i rated it, i gave it an 8. But may be should be a 9. many of people here have described the instrumental part, so i won't do that too. I'll say that the vocal is great, even if the lyrics are not taht depth as Maiden's lyrics could be. Bruce sings realy great, but the ryhtm's speed may have a repercussion over the diction, but that's all. Overall, great song, i'll give it a 9.


Ancient Mariner
A 10! My favourite track of Powerslave (the whole album contains great tracks!)
The instrumental section is my favourite part in any Maiden song.

Murder of Rue Morgue

Educated Fool
The main riff is quite basic, the verses are awful (the same old problem: too many words in too little space), the chorus is indeed catchy, not their best chorus but it works. But the instrumental is an hidden gem. Cool (and unconscious) example of counterpoint.

7.5/10, solid