The Book Of Souls sounds so much better on vinyl (Videos)

Could it be then that the 320 K mp3s out of a vinyl would sound better than the ones taken from the CD?

I'm not sure what you mean by this?

Do you mean ripping the vinyl to mp3 or do you mean a free download of the mp3 that you sometimes get when you buy a vinyl record?

If you mean the first one, the rip that the original poster had up on youtube was definitely better, it was a different mix than the cd, guitars where in different channels, different parts where clearer etc.

If you mean the second one, then that would depend if the free download actually came from the mix that was made for the vinyl. I suspect that it would likely just be the same mix as the cd.
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I severely doubt it's a different mix. It will just be a different master, which can be enough to make a radical difference on its own.
I severely doubt it's a different mix. It will just be a different master, which can be enough to make a radical difference on its own.

I would have thought that logically, but it did sound to me like a lot of guitars where in different channels to what I'd been used to, particularly on the red and the black.

Saying that, I was listening with head phones in work, whereas all my listening to the cd was done on a stereo or in the car.
My Book of Souls vinyl arrived today! The likelihood of me ducking out of work early today is VERY high.

Vinyl is better than CD every time, unless the vinyl mixing has been fucked up.
That is not necessarily true. A well-mastered CD is my favorite format, because you don't have the clicks and pops and surface noise you inevitably get on vinyl. As just one example, my early Capitol CD of The Number of the Beast sounds better than either my early 80s Capitol LP (which has a lot of wear) or the 2014 LP (which is a little thin-sounding). And my DCC-label CDs -- which, granted, are even more expensive now than vinyl -- of The Cars and Hotel California are the best-sounding rock recordings I own. I also have some spectacular-sounding classical CDs, like Klieber's recording of Beethoven's Fifth, and the RCA Living Stereo collection of old '50s and 60s classical recordings, which are cheap and sound amazing. CDs also SHOULD sound better for full-digital recordings, assuming the mastering engineer doesn't fuck it up and squash it.
Maybe it's the experience that I consider to be better. It might also have an influence of rarity on me since I've only heard three vinyl records so far. I'll take your word for the sound.
Yes, in the credits it says that there was an additional vinyl mastering by Chris Bellman...

Bellman has a terrific reputation. The 2014 vinyl reissues were excellent, and now they brought in one of the top guys to supervise the vinyl release of this new album.

Clearly, Iron Maiden is now differentiating its audience: the vinyl is for the audiophiles, and the digital media is for the philistines :)p) who like their music compressed and loud. I wish they'd give us a dynamic digital recording -- like a hi-res of Bellman's mastering -- but this is still an improvement over their past practice of releasing crappy-sounding picture discs.
This is awesome.

I'm just downloading a 6.6 GB 3-LP (U.S. edition) wavpack rip, hoping that Earendril's Aiwa box doesn't have magical powers.
That's it ;)
Instruments are more prominent than Bruce on CD release and overall sound is a lot better (and quiter/less compressed). More mids, but a notch less treble than on posted videos.
I think it's become my goal to acquire every studio album on vinyl.
7th Son upon release was one of my earliest CDs.

The very first were Somewhere in Time (which I already had on vinyl) and Blue Oyster Cult's Club Ninja.
I remember everybody talking about how much better the digital sounded.
How things have changed. :D
Bought both and ripped the cd right away, and I think it works really well when walking to work and such, wouldn't appriciate the difference under the circumstances anyway.
But sitting at home with some good equipment, it's very nice to have the vinyl instead. I think they did a good job with both versions, actually.
I got the LP rip now too.

The general EQ balance is similar between the vinyl rip I have and the CD version compared to the posted video, but better on the vinyl. The previously posted version definitely sounds different... A bit of additional EQ?
I think the kind of cartridge and stylus also has something to do with the sound... mine is an Ortofon OM10...

But anyway, I just uploaded If Eternitiy Should Fail on Vimeo, now you all can watch it again....
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