The Book Of Souls (song not album)

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Those are some great fucking keyboards then. I hope they can come close to replicating that because this song will be the centerpiece of the tour.
I cant stop listening to this song. Its just so.....captivating. Everything Maiden has ever done is transmorgified in this song. I think I will cry when they finish this song live.....damn.
Masterpiece. I can actually say with confidence that this is the best song of the reunion era. (Yes, even better than The Legacy, Dance of Death, Paschendale, and Starblind, my previous top 4) experiencing this song live will be worth the price of admission itself. 10/10. (Only one of the album, I don't give out this score lightly.)
I'm just not fussed with these Janick acoustic intros.
The rest of the song isn't very memorable. It's an OK song, I just for some reason don't tend to remember the tune.
Bruce's voice sounds a little odd at times, especially in the intro to WTRRD and in this song at 6:40-6:46, electronically altered? Is autotune on or something?
It was a bold move to add the SotV moment like this, but it worked really well ;) (Shame that it's there instead of Janick/Adrian solos.) If this part was in this song, I would be fine without SotV on the album at all :P Anyway, cool cover, but the sound is quite fake. And that's a detail, but adding the lead on strings at 5:21 was too much in my opinion (my favourite moment, so I'm kind of sensitive about it, lol).