The Alphabet Battle

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  • Wrathchild

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  • Where Eagles Dare

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • When The Wild Wind Blows

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  • Wildest Dreams

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  • Wicker Man, The

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  • When Two Worlds Collide

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  • Weekend Warrior

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  • Wasting Love

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  • Wasted Years

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Black Thunder

Ancient Mariner
Here we go.

Going in alphabetical order, we're gonna do every Maiden song. Every 2 days day, we'll do the new letter.

Just vote for your favorite on the poll.

My vote goes to 2 minutes.


2 Minutes To Midnight
Aces High
Blood Brothers
Clansman, The
Dance Of Death
Evil That Men Do, The
For The Greater Good Of God
Ghost Of The Navigator
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Infinite Dreams
Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, The
Number Of The Beast, The
Out Of The Silent Planet
Quest For Fire
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Talisman, The
Unbeliever, The
When The Wild Wind Blows


Uniformly distributed hostility
2 A.M.

Simply because it's not going to get any votes, yet it's a kick-ass song (like all of TXF)


Ancient Mariner
Maybe you were already planning to do this, but just in case: please put songs, starting with "The" (or "A" if these exist!) like this:

The Evil That Men Do --> E
Evil That Men Do, The

That's how it should be done, when cataloguing. And if not, then we'd get too many songs with "The".

Thanks in advance! :)

22 Acacia Avenue


Exactly, I was about to say the same Forostar! the 'The' doesn't matter in the name song I hope or it will be boring in the letter T.

Anyway 2 Minutes to Midnight. Love the song.

Black Thunder

Ancient Mariner
Yup, Dokken rules!

New round! Behold the first letter!

I decided that the rounds only last 1 day.



I assume b-sides aren't included for this game since "Black Bart Blues","Burning Ambition" & "Bayswater Ain't A Bad Place To Be" aren't included? Not that I'm implying anyone would be inclined to vote for them... :)

In any case, I'd have to go with BNW.