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That Girl has a typical Maiden gallop and harmonized leads, but the lyrics talk about, well, a girl. It’s a love song and it’s strange to hear Bruce singing something like this. That said, he sounds marvelous. The guitar solo is a bluesy delight.
@LooseCannon which songs can have a vote in relation to your statistics? Virus can, and this one not. Is it because it is not written by Maiden?
That's one category. I'm also not interested (at this time) in doing songs that were B-sides or never released on an album officially. Virus seems to fit for the main discography discussion, as it was the A-side of a single, and it was officially released on BotB, and was written by the band.

Everything else only hits two of those categories.
Still it can be interesting to see how certain b-sides would do among album songs. I am especially thinking of Justice of the Peace and Judgement Day.
Perhaps a chance in the future?
Your consideration is appreciated! (on the data quality: I see what you mean, but we have to start somewhere)
30 years later.... re recording of That Girl, by FM:
This is neat as well but I prefer the original because of the solos (and vocals and production and drums).
I thought you'd prefer that, Foro; there's a few added guitar harmonies there that weren't on the original.

Btw, is that still Steve Overland singing? He sounds... exactly the same! :eek:
Foro, your love of this makes me wonder if you've ever heard a Canadian band called Honeymoon Suite?

Same era and musical territory with a gifted lead guitarist.

And because you love Tull, a track they did with Ian Anderson guesting
I know this is a cover, but I can't get beyond the lyrics with Bruce's delivery style. Iron Maiden do not sing love songs (unless someone tragically dies or has an existential crisis midway through).
Quoting from Siasl Wiki: ""That Girl" was originally written for The Entire Population of Hackney by the guitarist Andy Barnett, and was recorded by both Iron Maiden and FM around the same time. It was prominently featured on FM's 1986 debut album Indiscreet, which was released just three weeks prior to Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time. The FM's version was rewritten by bassist Merv Goldsworthy and drummer Pete Jupp, resulting in the two versions being significantly different, sharing only harmony on the verses and some of the lyrics. However, Iron Maiden's version is still credited to both Goldsworthy and Jupp alongside Barnett, possibly due to copyright issues."'

Not entirely true and I dare to say even Rod missed that one when he wrote on the Best of 'B' Sides sleeve that the song was written for the 'Hackneys'.

"That Girl" was written earlier in 1984 by Barnett, Goldsworthy and Jupp, in a pre-FM formation. After a few rehearsal weeks, Andy Barnett and Dave Colwell quit the project. The Overland bros. then joined Goldsworthy and Jupp, and FM was officially formed - "That Girl" and "Frozen Heart" being their first songs. Some time between late '84 and early '85 these songs were REGISTERED and recorded. The Indiscreet album was scheduled to be released middle 1985, but it was greatly postponed.

At the end of 85 Barnett brought the song to the 'Hackneys' and in 1991 he finally joined FM.
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"Iron Maiden's version is still credited to both Goldsworthy and Jupp alongside Barnett"

Is that correct?