Steve Harris

How does he deal with Maiden and British Lion touring at the same time? We'll know as of friday, 1st date of BL tour. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing BL in Paris at the end of the month.
May I ask a question? Would it be impolite if I wore an Iron Maiden T-Shirt to “my” British Lion concert?
Thank you for your answers! If there should be an opportunity to take a photo with the band and they refuse, it will not be because of my T-shirt. :D
I've always liked that video because it truly shows how they really must be jealous of Iron Maiden.
Nah, it's always about exposure, brand, exposure, brand for Gene. An interviewer with a Maiden t-shirt deflects from their brand exposure, in Gene's mind. That is my spur of the moment guess anyway.
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