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Islington O2 has a balcony where he could stand unoticed and unbothered; as far as I remember, this not the case of Le Trabendo.


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- If you find a window, and had the chance to collaborate with any musician tomorrow, who would it be?

Steve: ''That’s a hard one. I’d say Michael Schenker. He’s probably my favorite rock guitar player ever. I always loved UFO. Him and Paul Chapman.''



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Good interview, he's a sly old dog Steve, saying nothing about the album. He could have said "no there won't be an album out before Donington" and it would have revealed nothing. Now I'm kind of half thinking "maybe???" even though it very obviously couldn't logistically come out in this time frame :lol:


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The radio silence on this, combined with just enough leaks, is obviously a plan to ramp up the hype train among true blue fans.

I am sure they are going for the one honour they haven't yet achieved - a #1 US album.