Somewhere in Time

And your opinion, which your entitled to. But millions of us also love it and enjoy every note of that record.
Right, which is perfectly fine too. I also enjoy the record quite a lot, I just don't like when people say, OMG I'd love a SIT-themed tour, and I say, well, I'd rather pretty much anything else, and then they go after the people who don't think the album is made of pure diamonds.
Don't bother Loosey, some people have the right to express their opinions, others don't.
After all this discussion, I listened again to Somewhere in Time last night, after having not listened to it in a while. It really is slickly produced and has a great sound. That said, overall the song quality isn't quite at the level of Piece of Mind, Powerslave, or Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The 3 Adrian Smith songs on SiT are all good but a bit simple and poppy by Maiden standards.

It's still a great album, though. And I'll say this - Alexander the Great is a GREAT song, an all-time Maiden classic. There is NO reason why this song should never be played live. In fact it MUST be played live.
Quit trolling, Wayne.

So when has expressing an opinion been considered trolling. I’m fully aware of the fact that some people may love SIT and regard it as Maidens finest album. I’m not saying they are wrong I’m saying I don’t agree. Music is subjective and down to an individuals taste so while it’s interesting to read people’s different opinions you can never say someone is 100% right or wrong when they describe something they like.

Nothing I said could be considered trolling at all!
EVERYTHING uttered by the Master must be received with the greatest of reverence, you silly bugger. Considering your low mental capabilities, let's just pretend that your filthy Janick had said those words, shall we?

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