Sheriff of Huddersfield



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'sheriff Of Huddersfield'

It's great...I think.

The song's pretty good, but could be better. You've gotta love Ol' Brucey, though. His impression of Rod is really great.


Ancient Mariner
'sheriff Of Huddersfield'

Yes, another day, another classic song commented on by me.

Anyway. Sheriff of Huddersfield is not great musically but as a laughable kind of thing does perfectly (kinda like "Bayswater..." + "Nodding Donkey...")


Ancient Mariner
Just got the Urchin album High Roller, which includes "Life in the City", which is the music used for Huddersfield.  They stuck quite close to the original with the exception of removing an instumental section in the middle


Ancient Mariner
I am afraid not. If I am correct, bearfan only buys vinyl (or hardly CD's for that matter).


clap hands

Sheriff of Huddersfield is an inspired bit of silliness in which Bruce mimics and mocks Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood, who had recently moved to Los Angeles and apparently never stopped whining about it. It’s fun, but the in-joke grows old upon repeated listens.