Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

How good is Seventh Son of a Seventh Son on a scale of 1-10?

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Fool! Doctor Doom does as he pleases!
A guitar, drum, and synth fanfare kicks into a mid-tempo gallop to support a great verse, followed by a long "ohh" accompanied by some nice harmonized guitars and synth.

Another round of verse and "ohh" breaks into an appealing but overly busy and repetitive chorus. A nice melodic "oh-oh" section follows.

Another round of verse through chorus and "oh-oh" gives way to a nice harmonized interlude, which eventually dissolves into a soft but driving bass lead with great guitar atmospherics. Bruce offers a spoken word bridge announcing the birth of the Seventh Son and the powers he holds.

The atmospheric bass lead continues, now with choral accompaniment. This gradually builds before breaking into a brief harmonized interlude, and a series of great to excellent solos punctuated by brief musical breakdowns. This emerges into a choral lead section followed by an excellent harmonized guitar and synth interlude. This cuts into a great descending guitar lead, which eventually gives way to a final harmonized breakdown to end the song.

The verse section is a little overwrought, and the chorus is too busy and repetitive, but the rest of this song is just stunning. On balance I would still round this song up to a 9/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A thunderous opening breaks into an epic piece with a lot of momentum to it before Bruce comes in with some of the most theatrical lyrics on an already theatrical album. Soaring vocals showcase how good he sounds before chorus comes in. Despite the repetition, it's still pretty fucking great. The song changes up to repeat a bit of the ROTAM style, but this is different enough to work quite well. Bruce's spoken word piece leads to build-up that culminates in one of the band's best instrumental sections. It's a masterful epic and a fucking awesome song. 10


Out of the Silent Planet
This is the jewel of the album. Fantastic mystic intro opens this classic epic. Great riffs and especially verses, the chorus is good, the ''oh-oh-oh'' part is so damn good performed by Bruce. Again, great drumming from Nicko and twin-lead guitar harmonies which are unique. The middle calm part is great (not as great as on ROTAM, but still fits the mystic atmosphere of the song perfect) - maybe it's a bit stretched though. After it the song go crazy - full of melodies and 4 solos.... the second tapping solo from Dave is jaw-dropping, the two solos from Adrian are also very very good. The keyboards and the chorus chants adds that special thing to the song to become from a great song to a fantastic one. The twin-lead harmony at the end of the song is magical and Adrian shines at the end of the song too - which has a great end. Live, with all the explosions, smoke, stage set etc the song is a full experience. Not so much singing from Bruce, but I think it is a hard song for him to sing live.